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I'm a Child At Heart (In More Ways Than One)

Two Towers, Two Towers, Two Towers, Two Towers!

The more people talk about something, the less I want to hear about it. Seems like more than half the LJs I read are talking about (Two Towers!Two Towers!Two Towers!Two Towers!Two Towers!) a darned movie. I'm sure it's good, I'm sure it's pretty, I'm sure the story in it is great, but I so totally do not want to see it. I do not even want to hear the name (Two Towers!Two Towers!Two Towers!Two Towers!) ever again.

The more people/groups push me in one direction, the more stubbornly I dig in my heels and resist.

I still haven't seen the first Lord of the Rings movie yet. I'm feeling less and less inclined to change that.
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