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RL, Mythbusters, exercise, FFXI (in that order)

Blah, Monday. As per usual, it was very hard to come in to work today. The weekend was so nice and relaxing! Slept well, ate... um, well, ate poorly (I have no food in the house), but still! A good weekend!

When it comes to slash, I'm not comfortable with RPS (real person slash -- usually slashing the actors behind the characters instead of the characters themselves). That leaves me in an odd position when I watch Mythbusters. (Official site.) You see, I get more slashy vibes off Mythbusters than I do every other book, movie, and show combined. The two hosts are just so perfect together! Neither of them is anything close to my type, which adds to the oddness of this. But Adam is so playful and... um, likes to push limits (and Jamie's buttons!), and Jamie is so stoic and so much bigger and more muscular than Adam! Picture of them. Whenever I watch the show, I just start grinning and expanding on the scenes in ways which they total don't intend them to be. :P

And moving from something enjoyable to something not... exercise. Bah. Bad bad bad me fell out of the habit after my vacation earlier this summer, and that's just not acceptable. So a couple weeks ago I set a deadline to go back to it. "The first of September! Ha ha ha! I fooled you with my deadline! That's so far away it'll never get here!" But... bah. Joke's on me! The first is on Thursday! Bah. It's been a couple months since I've done any, and I can tell I'll have to make up a lot of ground. (But on the plus side, I've only gained two pounds over the summer. That could have been a whole lot worse!) I'll have to start getting up earlier (if I don't exercise before work it won't get done, period). And I'm so not looking forward to the lingering aches and pains and stuff. But the choices are exercise or die, and dying would be slightly more annoying. (Who would feed my cat if I were dead?)

FFXI: I made other posts this weekend, so we don't need a big one now. I got RNG up to 11, and it's almost amazing how easy it is to level. I said this on the LS: Leveling RNG is sort of like farming -- one shot, one kill... but you get XP and crystals as well as the drop. I stuck mostly to EPs because killing them was just that fast. Even with my Fellowship NPC out (worthless fellow that he is), it wasn't worth it to spend more time fighting harder things for slightly more XP.

People who say they never have money because they don't like to farm annoy me. Sort of spurred on by that (and sort of because I'm trying to do other things besides non-stop farming), I spent the weekend making money in other ways. Quests. On Saturday I did a bunch of NIN scroll quest and made oodles of money as they sold within minutes of being put on the AH. On Sunday I did that Venerer Ring quest. While it was an annoying thing (if I never set foot in Korrorrorrorrr-whatever Tunnel again it will be too soon), that will be 150K once the ring sells. (There were 3 listed for sale when I started the quest and 7 when I ended it. o.O Hopefully it will sell!) Sure these quests aren't repeatable, but there are tons of other $$$ quests I haven't even touched yet.

Now I'm rolling in the cash again. Part of me is wishing the last two HQ Thick pieces I need will go up for sale soon so I can snag them and be done with it, but part of me isn't. After I have them, then what? There's no use looking for a HQ Death Scythe yet, since I won't need it till the 70s. The only thing left to upgrade is my current body armor (the Haub-longer-name one), but I sort of don't want to do that. I'll "only" be wearing it till 69, and I'd feel silly paying 10M for that (not that I have 10M now...). That's kind of odd logic, since I'll be wearing the Haub-shorter-name from 69-75 which is fewer levels than 61-69, but 69-75 will include a lot more than just XPing. Mostly I'm really worried about running out of goals. I won't get to level DRK until mid-October, and that's the only thing I really want to do in the game. :/ (And no, breaking the static or dropping out of it is not an option. We're friends, we stick together.) RNG is okay, but I certainly don't love it or anything. Farming is okay for short periods, but I don't want it to be my only thing to do on the game. Questing bores me. I'd really like to level another craft, but the only one I have left is goldsmithing, and I'm not that insane. (I could level something to 100 on a mule, but I have most everything to 60 on me, so that'd be a waste.)

...ha ha ha. This was supposed to be just a tiny bit about FFXI tacked on to the end of a non-FFXI post, but look! It grew to half the post! Shows where my brain is...
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