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Lunar's subbing of ep #46 finally came out (days late!) so of course I had to watch it tonight. Eeeee! Just exactly the type of ep I was hoping for!

Eeee! An ep about the captains! Eeeeeeeee! It's strange, but they interest me way, way, way more than the main characters. (Not that the main characters bore me, but the captains and their interactions grab my attention and hold it so tightly! And they're all such interesting people!)

At the time, I was highly (HIGHLY) surprised the ep didn't end with the four of them surrounded by the Huge Hollows, but once I got to the end of the ep I was able to see that it worked much better ending after the rescue.

And man, why in the world does one of the more sexy characters have 69 tattooed on his cheek? *snicker* I wonder if there's some reason for it or if it's there just to make fangirls giggle. (Don't tell me if you know, I don't want spoilers.)

Bleach has become the one and only series I follow anymore, which is sort of sad, but I think it gets all the love and fangirling I used to spread across multiple series so that's good enough. I really, really hope the series isn't finite (the manga isn't, right?).

The one and only thing I don't like about it is the ending song. It just Does Not Fit the mood of the eps it so often follows. Deep, dark, sad, dramatic stuff followed by an upbeat Happy People? Gah.

Oh, and I think I need to watch Prince of Tennis again, or at least an ep of it. Whenever I hear the little silver haired captain's (Hitsugaya?) voice, I hear Ryoma's voice, not FMA's Ed. Weeks ago someone told me it was Ed, but man, I still totally and only hear Ryoma. My ear must be really off. (Time passes.) Bah, I skimmed through two unwatched PoT eps, and I can't find a single moment of Ryoma talking. Saw lots of why I stopped watching the series though... But I think I figured it out. I think my ear is catching on that 'woman doing a boy's voice' thing. (More time passes...) Hm, no. I checked a third ep and finally found Ryoma taking and then I went back and listened to Bleach again. The voices are really, really similar. Good to know I'm not totally insane.

But now, bedtime!

(Ha ha. It's funny to use a PoT icon when even watching just little clips of the eps left a bad taste in my mouth.)
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