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I hate it when "nice guys finish last" applies. I have a perfect little area in a zone that I farm in. In that spot, I can fill my bag to 60 in just over an hour and be done with farming for the night. Last night, for the first time ever, a BST was XPing in "my" spot, using the exact mobs that I wanted to farm. I could have screwed him over, I could have killed the mobs as fast as they popped, but no, I went elsewhere in the zone. Three hours later my bag was still only halfway full, so I went back to check my spot. Darned BST was still there. So I went and farmed elsewhere in the zone. Two more hours later and I was at 50/60, so I went to check my spot. &$*(@&!)($ BST was still there. So because I was nice, my farming took 5+ hours instead of just over 1.

Yeah, yeah, "But a BST XPing is more important than someone farming!", but know what? My time is worth something, too. I gave up most of my evening so that BST could XP. But hey, at least I was "nice".


Four hours of sleep last night. Four and a half the night before. Both nights jam-packed with nightmares (what the hell is up with that?). It's going to be one of those weeks.

After farming, I did some crafting. On a new moon, doing synths 60-66 levels below me, I HQed once. Failed twice. Out of 15 synths. I hate it when people are paranoid, but it's times like this that I really, really think the game is against me. I should HQ the hell out of things I'm 60+ levels over cap on, not fail it more than I HQ it. And this is not a one time thing, results like this happen a lot. I bet there's some sort of "painfulcrafting:yes" thing set on my character. (There, see? Now I sound paranoid, too!)

Very very grumpy. And this post reflects that nicely, doesn't it?

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