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Food and FFXI, what more could you want?

Why in the world did I wait so long to try veggie burgers? *DROOL* I've been wanting more variety in my meals, so when I saw the supermarket had Morningstar products on sale, I bought a few different types. Last night I had the veggie burger and ... gah! *DROOL* I want to say "It tasted just like a burger!" but I've not had a "real" burger in more than two years now, so I can't be sure I remember exactly what they taste like. But man, these things were good! I was full after having one, but I wanted to cook up the rest and gobble them down.

The other three kinds I got were various forms of "chicken" (honey mustard fingers, ranch patties, and some other kind). *drool* I can't wait to try them! If my freezer wasn't currently jam-packed full, I'd go back and get more "burgers" before the sale ends.


In FFXI land, I'm trying to do one new quest per day (generally, there are some days where I'll have to spend all evening farming). I figure this will give me some sort of accomplishment while our main job static is on break. Last night I got lucky and did a really nice one.

Since I have a mannequin, I was able to follow that storyline. Quest #2 in it involved fighting a NM orc. I checked Alla (lolalla) and it said that the orc had about 1,000 HP and that someone of my level could easily take it. My WS tends to do around 1K damage, but just to be safe I brought Gunner (doesn't he look spiffy in full mythril armor?)along with me in healer mode. (Edit: Eh, that picture is from me leveling RNG, not from last night's fight. I wore all my XP armor and used my main weapon, not wore leather armor and used a dinky little sword. :P )

Ha ha ha. Alla was wrong! Who'd have thought it! While I never came close to dying, the fight wasn't easy. The orc Hundred Fisted me THREE TIMES (non-players: Hundred Fists is a "two hour" move -- PCs who can use that ability can only use it once every two hours. Mobs often cheat that way). I've never been on the receiving end of Hundred Fists before, and it wasn't overly fun. (Alla reported that he hit most people for 0, but he was doing 3-30-ish to me with each hit -- that added up!) Luckily he did that funny "Mob pauses to catch his breath!" after each one, so I had time to cure myself after (I went /WHM). Gunnar was useless in the fight, but maybe he got some XP from it. I WSed it three times (doing about 2400 damage total), but it was still a long fight.

But the fight wasn't the good part about the quest -- the storyline was! Eeeeeeeeeee! I've not loved a FFXI storyline this much in a long, long, long time! So sad! So tragic! I wanted to hug and snuggle and protect the poor main character! (And as to why he wears the GS shades? Gah! *sniffle*) It's worth getting a mannequin just so you can access this story.

I really, really, really want to see the storyline for the last quest in this series, but I can't handle the NM on my own. (Supposedly it's "easy for a 75", but that means it's probably impossible for me to solo.) Maybe one of our higher level folks will be bored one evening and I can borrow them for a bit. (It's funny, I don't want the quest's reward (being able to pose your mannequin), I just want to see the story!)
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