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Zzzzz (RL, FFXI)

Getting up 30 minutes early should not make this big of a difference. I've spent all morning feeling like I was running early for things (which in fact I'm not, I arrived to work exactly the same time as always). At least I don't feel the loss of 30 minutes of sleep.

So as promised to myself, re-started walking this morning. On walking-mornings (M-W-F) I won't have time to do all the extra little fun pre-work fooling around I usually do, but hey. Gotta do what you gotta do. T-Th I won't have to save time to add onto the 30-from-sleep. (Weights take much much less time than walking.)

Thankfully I was able to go the same distance I had been doing before I stopped, it just took twice as long and was twice as hard. But that's not terribly surprising, being away from it for nearly three months.

People are probably going "Walking? Exercise? Ha!", but it's not "normal" walking. Once I'm back up to speed, it'll be the "as fast as you can go without breaking into a jog" walking. I did not do that this morning (see that "took twice as long!" thing), but once I'm back to how I had been before I stopped, that's how it'll be.


FFXI: I think I'm getting worse about MGSing in my old age. (Non-players: MGS = sneaking past aggro mobs without aid of sneak/invisible tools or spells. Getting past them totally on your own skills and on a good helping of luck.) Last night I had to go through Phomiuna Aqueducts alone, past a group of 2 taros and a group of 3 stegos, and my hands were shaking so badly! I don't recall shaking when I had to do things like my AF. Hm, but I did while stealthing on G3. Maybe I've gone back to worrying about death too much... (But I was WHM/BLM last night, so a death shouldn't have mattered.)

But whatever the reason, I got it done and wonderful Draque jumped right in and offered to help with the doll NM fight for the last mannequin quest! Yay! The storyline surprised me quite a bit.

The crafter and his mannequin/beloved.

The story didn't end at all as I expected to. It was actually sort of a happy ending.

To start with, you get the story around the text in the above screenshot. Enaremand (the crafter) has completed the mannequin, now all he needs is to bring her to life, to give her a soul (!!!). He tells you that he knows it's a horrible sin, but he's turned his back on god (since she turned her back on him). He knows he'll be damned forever for it, but it will be worth it to see her smile for a moment.

At this point in the story I'm sitting there like "...". Is that a man-thing? This sort of plot came up in Fullmetal Alchemist as well, and I just don't understand it. When someone dies, they're gone. If I lost a loved one and someone came by and said "Hey, I got this thing that looks just like the person you lost! Want me to animate it so you two can be together again?" I'd never ever accept. It's NOT the same person, no matter how much it looks like them. But men are more visually orientated, so is something just looking like their lost love enough? That seems really odd to me.

Back to the story: Enaremand sends you into the horrible Phomiuna Aqueducts to find a necromancer. You do, he tells you to go get some other item, you do, then you three meet up again to use the item to bring his mannequin to life. Unsurprisingly, things go poorly and you end up having to kill the animated mannequin. (Duh.) Enaremand gets all angsty and calls you a monster, but he and the necromancer talk and things get worked out.

The story ends with Enaremand getting over his grief:

He walks off, you and the necromancer chat a little (he's an interesting fellow; not a bad guy, even though he does bad things). For some highly odd reason, Enaremand gives you a magazine about mannequins before he leaves. (I'm still sort of boggling at that. You help a guy bring a chunk of wood shaped like his lost love to life, you have to kill the wood and the evil spirit in it, the guy hates you then accepts you... and he gives you a magazine?) You take the magazine to the mannequin chick in Mh-whatever (that port city) and she'll let you re-pose your mannequins.

The end!

I've stayed out of these "what will be the new job S-E introduces in the next update?" ponderings, but the mannequin quest might be proof of the next one. It introduces a new mage type Necromancer . How would that sort of mage work? I'd think it could be something like a BST, but with a twist: What if a necromancer could bring dead mobs back to life? And the reanimated mobs would then be their pets? It'd be sort of like a BST, but the necromancer would have to be able to kill the mob before being able to use it as a pet. I suppose they'd have to "work up to" an EM/T pet: Kill EP, use that EP to kill something tougher, use that tougher one to kill something stronger... Seems like an interesting idea to me, though it might be too much like BST for some.

Oh, and here's the result of the final mannequin quest: My mannequins in poses. Why yes, I do now have a man on all fours in my house!

HELP! I had a really, really, really pretty screenshot to share, but the darned lighting problem I'm having made it too dark! Is anyone experiencing anything like this? Or have any ideas what I can do about it? When I view the game, everything looks 100% fine. Perfect lighting, nothing wrong. I take a screenshot. Look at it. It looks fine. I can totally close POL, end the pol.exe process, and the screenshot will still look fine. But once I reboot then I see the screenshot as it really is: too dark. But if I start POL and look at the screenshot again? Looks normal/fine/not dark.

That's what's boggling me: FFXI is doing something to my entire computer, and even when there's not a single pol-related process running, that "something" is still in effect. Only rebooting gets rid of that "something". (Even Firefox and my wallpaper and stuff are effected like this. When FFXI/POL is running, they look "washed out" -- too bright. Rebooting makes them look normal again.)
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