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I'm a real RNG now! (FFXI)

While home for lunch I spent 50K for +2 racc (feather collar +1). :/ Three things made me feel a little better about wasting money like that:

1) I can sell it back on the AH at the same price. Hopefully.
2) I can't hit the &R*#$@!) side of a barn, so maybe this will help.
3) Spending that much money for something so small is something a real RNG would do~!

I wanted to make the title of this post "*shoots Beanie for tempting him with RNG*", but if I shot at Beanie I'd just miss, then the joke would be on me.

But other than not being able to hit (*rips hair out*), I sort of like the job. And if anyone says "But you're DRK main! You should be used to missing a lot!" I'll switch to DRK and kick your ass. And no, I won't miss. I missed one single WS in ten levels of XPing. Top that.

Soloing is slow and boring through, so I'd really like to get to the Dunes (*gag* Did I say that?). But I'd like to hit 15 before I go there so that I can chocobo. I hate aggro-dodging, and the Dunes are a long, long run from Sandy.

I tested out my new bow at lunchtime. It hits a lot harder, but I swear it misses a lot more (ironic, since it has +2 racc on it). After work I'm going to test the waters in LTP and see if I can solo there yet. EPs are fast to kill, but 15-35 XP a kill is slooooooooow. Heck, maybe I can get a little LTP party going. (Note to self: If you lose your TP once more because you're standing too far away when you WS, I'll beat you.)

Other than to find Toto for a quick ride home, I've really not been using widescan yet. I suspect it'll be handier in parties than soloing (other than to avoid aggro stuff).

In my little dream world I would get either RNG or THF up to 60 or so and sub the other one (THF/RNG must be the best farming combo there is, followed by RNG/THF), but I doubt that'll happen, well, ever.
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