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Killin' time before going in to work.

tersa, think Fresh Choice will be open on Monday (since it's a holiday)? I checked their website, but it wasn't very helpful. If you wanted to see something more interesting game-wise you could come by on Sunday instead. We do a little event (group quest) at noon that would give you a better idea of how the game goes. (If all goes well, we'd be able to leave for lunch around 12:30. If things don't, maybe about 1.) Up to you!

And speaking of FFXI, I got RNG up to 13 last night. Woo woo! And recall how yesterday I mentioned that I never really use widescan? I do use it for one thing: Finding Toro for a free ride home once I'm done leveling. While looking for him, I spotted an odd name. Swamfisk! A NM! LS folks reported he was level 10, so I figured I'd kick his ass!

Ranger Thistle vs. the ugly fish of dooooom!

That whole 'thinking I'd kick his ass' thing was sort of funny -- I've played noting but DRK (61) for so long, even when on another job I see the world through level 61 eyes. "A level 10 NM? Ha ha! I'll one-shot it!" (When I was in the Aqueducts as WHM 38 yesterday, I boggled for long moments about my HP not dropping when I entered the level 40 capped area. "Is it broken? Should I submit a bug or take advantage of th... oh, right. Level 38 is lower than 40. Heh.")

Thankfully I hadn't used my 2hr yet, but even with that it was a damned close fight. Luckily he attacked slowly so I was able to get two cures in, and between those and two WSs I just barely won. (At one point my HP fell to single digits, and I ended with just over 40 HP.)

Even though I wasn't /THF, I got the good drop!

The staff does more damage than my current sword, but is a lot slower. However, with its speedy HP recovery I think it'll be handy in party situations (since I won't be meleeing then anyway).

So tonight's plan is to try to take RNG to 14, then I can party with Ai (pomr) and hopefully some other LS people on Saturday. (Ai: Check my CTY post so we can set up a time to do that.)
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