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Go, spider broom! Die die die!

With my apartment comes an extra storage space (a wooden box-type thingie over my parking spot). I never really used it since moving in, but I decided to put my fans into it. I went out and bought locks for it (not that the fans are worth much of anything, but everyone else locks theirs, so...). I moved the fans out and carried the locks in hand, only to find the space taken over by spiders. Eek! Big, ugly ones, too. Not innocent and okay looking ones.

So I retreated back to my "patio" (fenced-in little area) and grabbed my outdoor broom. Holding it high overhead, I declared, "Prepare to die, spider spawn!"

Ignoring the odd looks from my neighbors, I trotted back to the storage space and swept out all the spiders and cobwebs. (Okay, so I swept them out and onto the hood of my car, but I'm sure they'll be gone by Monday!) Take that, evil spiders!

Other than my spider adventures, laundry, and a cat sleeping on my arm most of the day, it's been an uneventful Saturday. I was having a lot less fun with FFX (killed/game over'ed more times today than any other day ever!), until I went to Luca and found the "movie theater". Wow, I was a happy camper! I just need more money. Lots of money. And if this was a real service, I'd demand my money back on some of these. Some of the memory spheres you buy are only a couple seconds long!

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