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Depressing day thus far, and it's not even 8 AM yet. Walking was a pain in the ass (exercise? after sleeping no more than 5 hours per night the last 5 nights?), then I arrived at work to find the elevator broken. :( So after being tired from walking, I had to lug myself up too many flights of stairs. Finally arrived at my desk to find a chewing-Thistle-out email from my boss. Joy.

Last night I had another bad dream (so tired of them. What am I, 6? Why bad dreams every night?), but this one was depressing because it felt more "personal". There was a pair of quests (contests) going on on FFXI. One had to do with doing something boring for a long time (8-10 hours) and the other took brain power (you had to figure out some code). Draque decided for the LS that we'd be doing the brain power one because "who'd be stupid enough to waste so much time doing something so boring?". He hadn't known at the time that I had won second place in the boring quest the year before and that I fully had intended to win first place this time. So he killed my chances and insulted me in one fell swoop. :/

In "real" (waking) FFXI land, nothing big happened yesterday. Farmed/dug bones for a while, then took Th-something-something-py (Thrapy/Tharpy, I always get it backwards) from the LS to get a Maze key for his RSE (alas he died because he didn't want to wait away from the aggro monsters and I was already down a level so I couldn't get back up to save him). I got the key on my third kill, which continues my insanely good key-luck in the Maze.

After that, I just puttered around and wasted time. Aurian and I had a touching moment -- ha ha, that looks like a loving touch more than a violent one, doesn't it? Like she's lifting my chin to look into my face.

But here's the violent one! That's perhaps the best staged screenshot I've ever gotten. :D Hume F /cheer (I think that's /cheer?) plus Hume M /stagger = heeheehee.

But kidding aside, Aurian and I really do make a nice couple. Awwww. I wonder if Hume males and females fit so well together on purpose? They sure do look "right" when they're snuggling like that!

And "wrong" when snuggling like this. :P Heeheehee. Looks like I'm grabbing her chest and trying to look into her top at the same time.

Yossy and Des later showed up and we all they all had fun beating me up. :P
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