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I've been having so many "IC" (in character) FFXI dreams lately! It's so cool to actually "be" Thistle, to wear his AF, swing his scythe with skill, cast spells, to see other FFXI people, etc! :D

This dream featured PvP, darned MNKs, and while it lead up to sex luckily stopped before it happened.

The setting was a college or some school-type place. To earn your dinner, you had to challenge someone to a one-on-one fight and win it (so 50% of the people got no dinner each night). I had never yet gone to bed hungry; not only did I win every night, the fights were easy. Boring, even.

So when a new guy (Galka MNK) arrived in time for the dinner-challenges, I picked him. I didn't seriously think he could beat me, but I figured he might be more of a challenge and thus interesting.

(In the dream-reality, your number of HP was affected by your body size. Since I'm a small hume I had fewer than hume norm. He was a large Galka, so he had what seemed like an impossible number of HP.)

We engaged, and I tried opening with a spell. He grabbed me, tossed his shoulder, and I landed flat on my back on the mat. My casting was interrupted. Fight one was over. (Landing flat on your back meant the fight (round) was over -- you could keep starting new fights with the same person till you were out of HP, the fight/round system was just for tracking stuff.)

Second fight I tried casting again, but he interrupted it the same way. No one had ever man-handled me so easily, so I was rather shocked at this! But I jumped right up and tried again.

Third fight had somewhat better results... for a moment. I cast bind (which was a stun-fast cast for some reason, much faster than whatever I had been casting before), then ran off far enough to bio II and poison II him. I grinned as we both watched his HP slowly fall. But then, once both spells wore off, he chakra'ed back to 100% HP. My shoulders slumped.

Casting wasn't working, so I tried SA+TA'ing him. Same exact results -- he grabbed me and threw me down before I could connect. I tried a number of things, including 2hr'ing, but he just kept throwing me. (Dream-me hadn't noticed at the time, only looking back on it now do I see that he never used the 'attack' command. He never once threw a punch at me, just kept reacting to my attacks. He was just that sure of things. :/ )

Finally, after throwing me down again, he followed me down to the mat. He didn't exactly pin me (he wasn't touching me), but he was as close to me as you could get without touching. I wouldn't be able to squirm or struggle to get up without making contact, so I stayed very still. He shifted his weight onto one elbow to free up an arm, and touched a single finger to my bare throat. (For lord knows what reason, I was fighting in my AF. The body piece has a very low collar, then above it is just bare throat.) There wasn't anything I could do! He could have choked me or pinned me down or probably just snapped my neck, so I lifted my chin in a sort of "you win, I submit" sort of way. That made him grin and his eyes brighten. He was excited by this and I was highly embarrassed to find that I was as well. Even more embarrassed when he reached down to confirm that.

Then he stood up and waited for me to try my next move. Darned guy was smiling and confident, his eyes bright as he watched me. Casting hadn't worked, my special abilities hadn't worked, there was only one thing left I could try. I checked my TP, but was only at about 50% (though this was "real" and not on a computer, TP, HP, etc were still displayed in corners). A few more fights trying nothing special, and eventually I had TP. It was time for my suicide move.

I SE+LR+guillotine'ed. While I finally (finally!) made his HP move (he lost about 10%), it took my HP down about 90%. Even though he hadn't punched me once yet this whole time, I knew just one or two hits from him would take me to 0. He moved in close to me (it'd be "in your face" close, except my face barely came up to his mid-chest) and asked if I was ready to give up. I hate giving up, I hate losing, but it was a hopeless fight and I had to acknowledge that. I nodded.

The Galka tossed me over his shoulder (as in carrying me! My face to his back and my butt leading the way! Me! In my wonderful DRK AF!) and carried me back to his place. There he set me down and told me to "get out of all that metal". It was only as I was taking my AF off that I noticed that he hadn't even been wearing armor at all. He stood against my best attacks wearing street clothing!

Luckily the dream ended as I was still getting undressed and noticing his lack of armor, because Galka are scary and I don't want to picture what would have happened next. :P

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