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Naruto and two kinds of FF!

I'm really looking forward to seeing CN's dubbing of Naruto tonight, even though everyone who has seen it already has been left laughing or crying at how bad it is. Even if the voices are awful, I want to see the early storylines again without having to watch the dubs (which I cannot do with FFXI running). Or so I say now, hopefully it won't be so bad that I take it back!

Edit: Ha ha, I've been writing this post so long that now Naruto is starting! Hmm. The opening song left me bogging, but Naruto's voice isn't as bad as it could be. Hm. My expectation were set so low I actually don't mind this so far. (We're only up to the first commercial break though.) I'm surprised, usually I hate dubbing. Maybe my standards have fallen from watching so many of them. :P Back from commercial break. Ugh, Naruto's voice is really rather hard on the ear, isn't it?

Voices aside, I so love the storyline! I really should watch the subbed eps again.

Edit again: Naruto's voice sounds just like Zatch's in Zatch Bell. Wonder if it's the same VA or if it's just that woman-doing-a-boy's-voice thing. ...oh, eeee! They did the "ultra sad music" in the first ep! The Zabuza/Haku's death music! Huh, I had no idea we heard it before then... Man, even so so so long after that storyline, this music makes me want to cry.


As has been usual for FFXI lately, the game is full of nothing, but the people make it worth it. The entire LS empties every Saturday night as most everyone goes to Dynamis, leaving only yohshee, zubis, myself, and sometimes a couple other random people around (yay pomr was there this week!). But it's actually quite fun having such a little group. We fool around (ha ha, I mean joke around! Of course! :P ) so much, I spend the night giggling endlessly. It was easily the best part of the day. :D

But other than that, the day was empty and boring. I spent 4 hours doing a worthless quest (I don't need the fame and lost money each time I repeated it), then tried to farm gigas in the Meadows (but they were too hard, so I had to leave after spending all the time getting ready and getting there), then went to farm gigas in Delkfutt's Tower, but they didn't drop socks at all for me. But to be fair, I only killed a couple before giving up.

On the way out I spotted Trickster Kinetix, so I grabbed him! Yay! I got the drop, but it was only worth 6K.

Oddly, one person made up most of the buying history. They must be desynth'able or something...

Then finally, to make my time-wasting, losing-money, accomplishing-nothing day complete, I went chocobo digging. I broke even on some runs and lost money on others. But hey, usually I lose money on most runs, so I was ahead of the game! 9.9 <-- Rolling eyes face! Draque made it up! (Or brought it to the LS, one or the other.)


Since there's nothing much for me to do in FFXI land, yesterday I started a new game of FFX! I've not played it in, what, a year? two years? so I've forgotten a ton and it's so much fun to re-play! I must have been really affected by fan-stuff before playing the game, because otherwise I have no idea how I could have liked Jecht early on. He comes off as such an ass! A sexy ass, but an ass nonetheless. It's so cool having voice acting in a game, I wish FFXI had it. I'm not far into the game yet, just about 4 hours and that, um, port city. Port Ki... something or other. The first place after Besaid. (Which is another thing FFXI really needs! Swimming! <3 Tidus! )


Look, back to FFXI! Fooled ya! Zubis and Beanie and Yossy and Nif and company beat CoP 6-4 today! Woo woo! I really wonder if our CoP static will be able to do the same. :/ NOT NOT NOT because we suck (we don't! You all rock!) but because the very best of our LS had such a hard time with it, I know we'll have at least as much trouble. I worry a lot about how I will do in the fight. Zub mentioned an AoE attack with bad damage, and I worry about my "wet paperbag" DEF. :/ I'm sort of semi-thinking about leveling WAR for a different subjob (it'd give me more DEF and maybe more HP?), but... I've played DRK with /THF since day one, I'd be worried about not being used to the different skills. My darned Hauby has -20 EVA on it, which could be painful...

Do we really need Sea access? :P
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