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American Dad question

Heh, does anyone actually watch American Dad? It's on after Family Guy so I usually see it because there's nothing else on and it's too much of a pain to change the channel. Tonight's the first night I actually snickered at parts of it (not much, but now and then). But it's the last 10 seconds that I really liked and have a question about:

Some of the characters and many strange people in a room, and some unknown guy (who looked a little like the lead character, the father) came in and hugged an asian fellow. The background song was that great Don't Fear The Reaper. The text at the bottom was "In loving memory of Trahn "Jimmy" Ng".

I've googled, but can find no connection of that name with the series. I would guess he was a writer and died, but odd that I can find no connection... If it was that he died (which seems the most likely), then this is one of the best "In Loving Memory..." pieces I've ever seen on a show. Trahn/Jimmy looks so happy as he's hugged! So happy and perfectly content and couldn't wish to be in a better place. Paired with the bittersweet song in the background, it's such a touching 10 seconds!

Much, much, much higher quality stuff than I would have expected from this series.

Edit: I watched the credits in slow motion, but saw no mention of his name.


Edit 2: A FFXI joke! Like any good Dark Knight, my sole is black as night...
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