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I'm a rather boring person. I don't do drugs, I've only drank alcohol a couple times in my whole life (and not usually by choice, a sip at wedding toasts and such). Earlier today I was so tired that everything was funny and I was bouncing off walls. Totally not logical at all. (Thought process: It's Monday, isn't that funny? Heehee, it's so funny that you think that's funny! *snickers out loud* But you think it's funny that you think it's funny that... where was I? *tries not to laugh out loud over the whole thing*)

I wonder if that's what being drunk (or perhaps high) is like. It wasn't such a bad thing, other than making it hard to work. ("No, no, can't pounce the co-workers. Save it for being online at lunchtime!") I spent the whole morning grinning from ear to ear, but couldn't tell people why ("Well, um, I'm making up all these stories in my head and they're real funny! Heeheehee!")

About an hour ago I crashed, and now I feel like poo. There's no use trying to take a nap when I get home from work, because I cannot sleep during the day, period. Haven't napped in a decade or so. (Other than when I'm sick as a dog, but that doesn't count.) Problem is, I can't concentrate on anything, so even if I wanted to do something online it likely wouldn't get done.

Blah. Hopefully tonight I'll sleep better, but if patterns hold I won't sleep well till Thursday. :/

Thistle-Fact Of The Day: I cannot spell "alcohol". I can't spell it so much that when I try to look it up, it takes me seven or eight tries for the spellchecker to even make guesses at what I was attempting to spell. Silly vowels in strange places...
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