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Drama Llamas! (FFXI then RL stuff)

Yo, peppygrowlithe, I saw you using "llama" in place of "drama" (I think) in your LJ. Is that a WoW thing, or you being silly, or did I totally misunderstand? Either way, it amuses me and I like it! It lets me say things like:

I'm muchly enjoying the LS llamas in one certain CTY journal.

Because really, who doesn't like llamas? When I first saw the post yesterday, I almost commented. I wanted to defend Beanie cause it looked like this person was attacking her rather harshly and unfairly, but happily I decided against it. 1) It's not my fight, and 2) Beanie is a big girl and can defend herself as she wishes. Seeing all the comments this morning, I'm amused to find that I actually made the right decision for once! Now I just get to snicker at the llamas instead of being trampled by them!


RL: Ha ha, I think I still have that lack-of-sleep "drunkness" because everything's funny this morning. Life's pretty good when everything's funny! *snicker*

Okay, I've spent like an hour dealing with customers since I started this post, and now I have no idea what RL stuff I was gonna write about. Oh well!


I love all my FFXI friends so much! And Ead might finally be online today! I love everyone so much! And I'm using a lot of exclamation points!

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