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Buh? *boggles* (Neopet stuff)

Boy I'm a spammy poster lately! I'll cut this one since even fewer people would be interesred in it than are in my FFXI posts.

Congratulations Jack PF (thistlebackup)!!!!!

Yes... you are the lucky winner of the Neopian Lottery!

--- Today's Winning Numbers ---
1 8 13 14 18 26

16266 tickets were bought today, resulting in a total prize money of 1631600 NeoPoints.
In total there
were 104 winner(s), which means your share is 15688 NeoPoints!

You can use these NeoPoints to shop for items, play games, auction, chat and all of the
other fun things that
Neopets has to offer. Log on at!

The Neopets Team

This is my backup account for keeping extra pets on. I'd really like to somehow move the money from it to my main account, but I have a feeling that would get me frozen. :P

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