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Okay, I lied~

Last night I said "I'll stop posting at night when the game stops sucking", but I lied! The game very much didn't suck tonight, but here I am! (Lost is still on, and while I've seen it already, I can't make myself turn it off.)

Lots of screenshots!

Draque and I rode the barge for five hours or so, looking for the NM orc Stubborn Dredvodd, but he was a no-show. A boring night? A little, but it was relaxing and non-stressful, which was very nice.

* While we were on the barge, we battled whatever mobs popped up. There's something very wrong with this screenshot, but I can't put my finger on what. (But at least I got a hug after?) No jokes about the special move the mob did at the end of all this -- just bite your tongue. :P

* Here's a tonberry! Luckily I never have to deal with those horrible little buggers (yet), but I thought readers who like the other FF games but haven't played FFXI might like to see what they look like in this version.

* Draque and Carby! I love how Carby is between Draque's legs; I've seen loving dogs do that same thing. :)

* Partially because we're going to kill fomor tomorrow (and DRK ones are in the area), but more because I don't want to wear them anymore, I decided to turn in my panties. Non-players: The NPC you deal with is a child, a girl of maybe seven years of age. When you hand her your panties, she says:

Mind you I've been wearing them for months on end, that same pair... o.O

/goodbye panties!

The level 50 DRK JSE (Gloom Breastplate) actually has less DEF than the level 49 mythril breastplate, but it has an "enhance souleater" effect on it, so I'll use it for capped things. I don't like losing 6 points of DEF, but...
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