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*bouncie* It's like Christmas in September!

Unfortunately I'm a "grown up" (stop snickering!). I don't believe in Santa. I have a job that pays well, thus I can buy anything I want/need. All of my family is on the other side of the country. All of that adds up to Christmas doesn't mean much of anything to me.

So it's a surprising and wonderful feeling to be excited about being given something new in the future. I realized more than a year ago that that was one of the many things that FFXI does for me: Before updates and new releases, they trickle out teaser information day by day, keeping me excited and bouncing over new fun stuff.

The new expansion pack was announced today! The impossible-to-pronounce "Treasures of Aht Urhgan"! Even though they've given so little information on it (based on the trailer), I'm so excited!

Apparently one of the new jobs will be Blue Mage (which I hope will be called BLU, because BLM is taken and BLU would be mighty cute). It's kind of, um, funny how little I know. When watching the trailer I was like "wow, those moves he's doing look sort of like mob moves. You'd think they would have used new animation for a trailer..." but only after reading my friends list was I reminded that BLUs actually learn mob moves. Heh. I had known that, honest! I just forgot! (It's even used in gbeans's story!) I really feel like I should go and play all the FF games, just so I know as much as everyone else. :P

It's strange that some people like how the BLU AF (assuming that's AF in the trailer) looks. To me, they couldn't have made uglier stuff if they tried... It seems like everyone either loves it or hates it.

More exciting than the BLUs is that we got a quick glimpse of a new city! And it looks so so so so different than any existing ones! And pirates! Maybe we'll get to see/do more with pirates in this expansion pack! (Pirates > ninjas, baby!)

Eeee, so exited! *bouncies*
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