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Okay, we'll just stop fighting this now... (FFXI)

A nighttime post, but a quickie one! Mostly just to share something that people had been asking about.

It's not often that I'm the innocent one in LS exchanges, but in this case I was! And I have proof!

And just how did I get that tube of jelly? And wouldn't you run too, if some woman gave you that and started ordering you to submit? :P

And nevermind that I was innocent! People assume the totally wrong thing about me~!

For non-players, I grabbed a picture of another interesting mob: An orc machine! I wanted to get one with its "mouth" open, but they kept dying instead. They're really rather cute and fun to fight.

No exciting adventures to tell about tonight. Just farmed for like seven or so hours. :/ Not fun, but necessary.

It's been exactly three weeks since I got my Thick Mufflers (gloves) +1, and no HQ Thick pieces have been up for sale since then. :( :( :( I check multiple times a day, but they're so rarely sold. I just cannot believe I let the Thick (pants) +1 go the one time I saw them for sale. I could have gotten them if I had only bid 100K more, and now I'm willing to pay twice the price the sold for, let alone just 100K more than what I had bid. :( :( :(
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