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I have no idea what to say about this... (Non-FFXI, then FFXI at the end)

Link leads to not work safe stuff. The top half of the page is text and the photos are at the bottom, but neither are work safe.

An ad on Craig's List... If you don't want to click the link, the basic idea of the ad is if you donate quite a bit of money for this fellow to walk against AIDS you get, um, "face time" with his "MONSTER COCK".

"All pledges of 100.00 or more will have a 30 min shot at the MONSTER."

Part of me is highly curious why this hasn't been pulled off Craig's List, but more of me is boggling over... are there that many men who would pay to give oral? Or is that guy just really hopeful?


FFXI: Zzzzzzz. I've had "wasted" days on the game before, but this one was one of the worst. I spent four and a half hours killing saplings for a three hour lottery pop which never showed (dammit). Out of all the time I've wasted doing crap on FFXI, those are the hours I want back the most.

After that I attempted to skill evasion by letting mobs beat on me, but it seems the CL mobs were too low even though they ave me a couple skillups the other night. :( Another hour and a charge on my warp object wasted finding that out.

Spent another hour or two standing around in my MH saying "I really should do something. I don't feel like doing anything." over and over.

Tomorrow is Escort static, which will take an hour of the day. Monday is Eco, which will be another hour or so. Thursday is doing something to help some Bastok mission or something. But other than that? Nothing.

I need a hobby on my hobby. :/

Countdown: Not counting tomorrow, just two more weeks until we can go back to leveling main jobs! (Main jobs for Cehra and I, anyway.) Finally, finally, finally progress again!
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