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Wow. Yahoo buys Inktomi...

Story here.

I doubt many folks will care about it as much as me. I still follow search engine foo pretty closely.

I hate Inktomi, but for a personal reason. After I left AV, I went on an interview with Inktomi. "Interview" is almost an understatement. A whole day, ten hours, interviewed with maybe 12 different people there. A long, hard day. Had to write Perl code on the board in front of people (and sucked at it, or at least felt like I did), talked about too much stuff, all that.

Ten hours of interview. At the end I asked when I'd hear back. "A day or two." Two pass, so I call. Leave a VM. No reply. Send emails to a number of the people I had talked to. No replies. Got an offer from another company, but wanted to hear back from Inktomi. After calling and emailing for two weeks with no replies, I finally took the other offer.

Ten hours of interviews, and no one even took a moment to tell me 'no' so that I could go on with my life.

Anyway, so they suck. I think it's a good move for Yahoo though. I interviewed with Yahoo a couple times. They mad offers twice, but the money was always way less than half of what I was making elsewhere. I really wanted to work for Yahoo, but I can't take that big of a cut in pay...
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