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Zzzz. Quickie post.

So tired. Work hasn't been as stressful as usual and I'm actually sleeping at night, so I don't know why I'm utterly exhausted, but hey. Just a fast post, then bed!

If not for one thing, this post could have waited until tomorrow morning.

WOO WOO WOO WOO! Finally! After months of checking and waiting, one of the last two pieces I needed wanted was waiting for came up for sale! And just a couple days after I offered that guy 2M for his. :D (And yes, I paid 1.5M for pants. Go ahead and snicker, LS people! Once I hit level 69 I'll never go pants-less again!) Now just one more piece to go!

Couple of quick screenshots:

I almost couldn't believe this happened! What a perfect spot! Heehee! It was fire weather and I was looking for an ele. I saw something at the campsite, but I figured it had to be a yag's ele... but nope! The darned thing was circling the wood, looking darned lonely. So I killed it, now it's not lonely anymore! And as an added bonus: I'm wearing hot pants in that shot~!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! o/~ Since it's almost Christmas time, I decided to start decorating the zone I spend so much time in. I, um, think I might have done something wrong though...

Ichorous Ire - a slime NM! I took this shot before I knew he was a quest NM and not a "real" one. I had been running through the Maze clicking on those fossils to see what they say, then next thing I knew I was being attacked! Tonight I went back (trying to farm slime oil) and spawned him on purpose. He dropped oil both times I killed him, so that might be something I continue to do if I'm in the area.

Zzzzz. Sleepy time now.
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