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Evil, pure evil.

I have found the worst LJ community ever created. It's horrible and terrible, but I cannot stop reading it.

Just take a look at this picture and see for yourself. (Totally work safe.)

nonuglies_food is the name of this evil. (Avoid it! Don't go look for yourself!)

Is it legal in the state of California to marry asparagus?

I may intend to marry that asparagus, but I'm so having a fling with these brownies.

Even things I'd never eat look so darned good! *drool*


In non-food news (*drool* blueberry pancak-- No! Mind back on track!), life's been seriously blah lately. If I had anything to take up the time I spend on FFXI, I'd so be doing that something else. I've been doing nothing but farming for four? five? weeks now, and that is NOT FUN AT ALL. The people are the only thing that is keeping me on the game, but last night even that wasn't there. The majority of the LS went off to do a high-level event, leaving us few alone. Usually we have fun during those times, but a certain SOMEONE would not SHUT THE HELL UP and just kept informing us all of HOW THE GAME IS PLAYED and HOW THINGS SHOULD BE. I mean seriously, she talked at us for more than an hour, because SHE KNOWS BEST. I should just blist her and get it over with, but I hate the idea of hearing one-sided conversations all the time (because she NEVER SHUTS UP).

I got that Advent's Children movie working (subtitles and all), so I'll be watching that soon. Thankfully I still have that VLC movie viewer installed, because that seems to be the only thing that can play it.

Lost finally returns tonight, so yay!

Blah. Blah. Blah.

Edit: Oh yeah. philia, I went to the post office this morning and re-sent your package. It should be there in 2-3 days, so maybe Friday and if not then it should be Monday. If it doesn't make it this time, I'll probably just fly out to NC and hand-deliver it to you. :P
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