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Holy spamming posters, Batman! (FFXI)

(Edit: I still have no access to my email, so if I haven't replied to your comment(s) you shouldn't feel like I'm ignoring you!)

Sorry for all the posts today, but I didn't want this to be flocked so I couldn't add it in with the last one.

Where'd this site come from and why the heck haven't I seen it before?

Warning on that link: I think it might have spoilers. I'm gleefully reading every single word on it, but I strongly suspect there are spoilers in there. It's the darned history of Vana'diel, the whole darned thing! Where beastmen came from! Where the races came from! What evolved into what! At first I thought it might be a work of fanon, but there are lots of matching screenshots... but there's also a lot of (professional looking) non-screenshot artwork. (Like this way cool mithra fishing scene!) (Edit: And look at this cool Taru picture!)

Gah, so much info! How the gods interacted with each other, how the races were when they were "younger", and I'm just a tiny fraction of the way through all this!

I'm probably being totally spoiled. I really should stop, but... gah. So interesting!

More editing:

Wow, if this stuff is canon, then Zubis hadn't given (or more likely hadn't known) the whole reason for the fall of Sandy to Bastok...

Before the San d'Orians could mass a force to deal with the new kingdom to the south, the attacks began. Bastok using it's newly created army made quick work of the outlying San d'Orian southern defenses. Meanwhile the Taru's and beastmen to the east launched assault upon assault on the empire's eastern boarder. Finally a massive assault on the defenses at Sauromogue by the taru broke through the lines of knights. Every last Elvaan fought bravely, every last Evlaan was killed.

So Sandy wasn't just fighting Bastok? They were fighting Windy at the same time? That would be a much more expected loss..

And eee! I love that last line! "Every last Elvaan fought bravely, every last Evlaan was killed." *sniffles* Poor, brave, noble Sandy!

Wow, I wish I knew if this was all correct canon or not. It must be, it fits what little I know. So much story! *bouncie*

Edit again: Maybe this is the translation of all that extra background info that was published in those JP books? Part of it is matching what little bits of translation I saw from that. In which case this wouldn't be spoilers and would be just extra info! (So much info!) But maybe it's spoiler and from that... (Odd that the website doesn't say where all this is from.)

Edit again: Gaaahhhhh. Gah. Is this true? Though I don't know of anyone on my flist who has finished CoP and Sandy missions (I assume this is spoiler info for one of the two of them, or maybe it's background info never introduced to the game). Quote:
At San d'Oria the situation was not as good. To their south, the birth place of the Dragon King and now a home to a monastery had been taken over by Orcs as their stronghold. With the mass of the San d'Orian army on the front lines there, the orcs sneaking around from the west was unnoticed. In the mountains around the city, the Orcs constructed a great fortress to launch an assault directly on the capital. The Royal family knowing the towns remaining garrison could not defend against a direct assault, they did the unthinkable. A Royal Knight was sent into the fort with "secret documents" to be captured. Amongst these papers was information regarding a weapon of such strength that army's would bow to it's will - Lightbringer. San d'Oria had essentially betrayed their longtime friends the Tavnazians, and the Orcs thirsting for limitless power on the battlefield turned their attentions to the other city.

Holy cow. I don't think I just missed that in the vast CoP CSs. That's just... horrible. Sandy is the reason Tavnazia fell?

Oh Sandy, say it ain't so... I understand how such a decision could seem necessary (or maybe really was necessary) but... gah. My pride in you has taken a hit. I guess maybe (to Sandy) it seemed necessary, but... but...

Final Edit, what's spoilers and not: As far as I can tell, the first four chapters on that site are not spoilers. (As far as I can tell, I could be wrong.) It looks like it's a whole lot of background info taken from books. Chapter #5 contains mission 1-5 spoilers, then the next three chapters (Hidden Past, The 6th Ministry, Return of the Talekeeper) are Sandy, Windy, and Bastok mission storylines. (I shouldn't have read Sandy's, the only missions I intend to do, but I did. :/ ) The next chapter (The Rise of the Zilart) will probably be full of spoilers for those missions. I think I'll skip ahead on those and try to find where the CoP chapters start (The Return Home?), and read those till I'm up to whatever mission we're on.

Those first five chapters are also the best chapters, in my opinion. The others I've read are just like overviews of storylines... obviously taken from CSs and such.

Heh heh. This post started as little more than a link but got pretty long.
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