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Okay, here we go!

First off: Yay! One of the local channels just started showing SG: Atlantis from the beginning! So I got to see the first half of the pilot! Yay! Hopefully they'll show the rest of the first season, so I'll get to catch up. (It's amazing how much easier it is ro remember character names when you see a show from the beginning!)

Stupid Catlove is still down, so no email/LJ comments and no uploading new files. I stuck things up on my Comcast space for the moment, so I could finally post.


Friday was muchly a waste. I spent another three hours camping a NM (for a total of seven hours over two days -- he's a three hour lottery pop, but I only saw him once). I finally, finally got him! Tottering Toby! (The person who asked what a sapling looked like, he's one!) Highly annoying, for seven hours work, I got:

Nothing. No boots. *cry* I'd happily just buy them if they were ever for sale, but I assume most people think they're worthless (-10 DEX and -10 AGI) and drop them. *sigh*

To make up for a lost night, I spent money! :P I bought a saltwater fish tank! Isn't it big?

While this beggar seems to have no idea what a DRK really does, at least he was, um, creative in his begging?

I mean really, of every job out there, wouldn't DRK be the least likely to "work for the people"?

I spent some time (unsuccessfully) trying to level evasion, and grabbed a screenshot of an ugly mob for non-players (or players with no access to the Meadows yet). A Bugard! Yuck!

While I'm fighting her every step of the way, gbeans keeps trying to force RNG lessons into my head. Here's me doing the "I'm a bush! I'm a bush!" trick.

I forget if it was Friday or Saturday, but I went off to kill Silk Caterpillar for a quest. A NM, but not a real one. Non-players: He's a crawer (kinda cute, huh?), they're all over the place. Fittingly, they drop silk when you kill them (if you're lucky, it's worth a lot).

The Hume M /welcome emote is the best emote ever. I abuse it so much! :D (Sorry, Ceh! Heeheehee.)

Today, mostly because I was bored, I went and got another mannequin. Hume F Mannequin! She's kind of spiffy, but a little scary because she reminds me of the mannequin storyline. (I think she's prettier than the Mithra mannequin, which might be why she reminds me of it when the Mithra one never did.)

I was getting some really, really odd perspective issues in my house. For some reason, she looks like a toy! *boggle*

My house: Three mannequins, two tanks, one yagudo, and a crapload of red jars. You can't see the three Easter eggs on the right or more red jars on the left, but that's the best I can do.

Today was busy (really, really busy) even though I have no screenshots of it. We did the Bastok 6? mission this morning (two mobs in the desert), which was funny because so many of us were still half-asleep. :P It started at 9 AM, but I got up at 7:30 cause I had to shower first and do some other stuff online. Then we did Escort (ugh, under 900 XP for it), then I cleared for the Bastok Eco Warrior quest. It's fall-down amazing what a short trip the Bastok Eco trip is compared to the Windy one! Like two hallways and one platform to clear, as opposed to what seems like half the Maze?

I wish it was easier to communicate with groups of people on-game. It needs something like a MUSH's multi-tell... eh, multi-page. Ha ha. Whatever. You need to be able to talk to a group of people at once. I need to somehow get Escort static's time sorted out with XP static's time.

XP static people (assuming you've read this far into the post!), how early do we want to try to start on Sundays? Noon PST/3 EST? Later/earlier? Once we're settled on that, I'll try to work out Escort static. I think kawaru might be the deciding factor on time, because if we start too much earlier it might get into "unreasonable" for him?
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