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First yay: metron_ariston offered the smart suggestion of opening a gmail account and having my LJ comments sent there, so I did! I'm still missing like 5 days of email sent to my Catlove address, but at least I'll see future comments! *beats the Catlove hosting people*

Second, bigger, yay: Woo! I got my last piece of Thick HQ tonight! That was my last goal, now I can quit the game! :P Okay, I suppose I should level high enough to actually wear it, but that was my last goal so now... I've got to think of something else to do. (I want to cap evasion and parry, but that's going to be hard and slow and not fun.)

About 400K over the last price, but that's actually pretty darned good. They're almost never sold (barely one page of sales history, going back to the beginning of 2004), so I was so so so happy to get it.

My bazaar~!

I wonder what my whole bazaar is worth... (And yes, I tend to bid odd numbers.)

Thick feet: 1,511,111
Thick pants: 1,500,000
Thick gloves: 1,311,113
Hauberk: 10,689,394

Heh, wow. 15M (15,011,618). Sheesh. :} My biggest worry now is that people are going to think I buy gil.

In non-money news, I got the most useless NM ever, Serpopard Ishtar, again tonight. I only snagged him because my NM page is missing a screenshot of him. Don't know how that can be, when I've killed him so often.
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