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Hyper and Chia and Dalton and you other WoW/PokeMUSH people:

I'm kind of, sort of poking at WoW info. You guys are all horde people? So I'd want to be one so I could do stuff with you? Which server would I want to start on?

I downloaded some game clips from the official(?) site to try to see if I could cope with the graphics or not. Is the animation you see on the game "smooth"? (Like you'd see in a cartoon or animated movie?) or does it jerk/pause between frames? (I'm not sure if the clips weren't real animation to save on size or if that's how the game really is.)

I'm not really sure about this, so don't get your hopes up, but more questions anyway: How hard was it to learn to play? But I guess my biggest concern is if I can cope with the graphics or not. (No offense intended, but they come off as so ugly and unrealistic next to FFXI.)

Do you guys recall how much the game cost? And how much it costs per month? Oddly I can't find it on this site. ( must be the official site?)

It'd be nice if there were a demo version or a test version or something I could play for a few minutes to see if I like it or not... Maybe I'll just pick it up on my way home tonight...

If I do get it, are there required expansion packs I'd want to get as well? (Only if I'll need them to meet up with you guys. I don't want more than that right now.)

And man, I suppose there will be a ton of updates I'll need to start out with.

Grrr, I'm so undecided, but I'm just so bone-deep tired of not having fun on FFXI. (Other than that the people rock, but the game itself has been fun maybe once in the past six weeks. No exaggeration.) Eh, and this does not mean I'm quitting FFXI. Bah, but people always say that when they try WoW, then they vanish. Maybe I shouldn't do this... Anyone who knows me knows I can only be "into" (obsessed with) one thing at a time... It's funny, I'm sitting here thinking "I can't quit FFXI now that I have all my good armor!", but that's a pretty sucky reason. Maybe I should stay on FFXI and just start leveling some other job (eh, but I hate leveling, it's even less fun than farming).

Do I sound indecisive? That's because I am!
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