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Caught up, and full!

I've finally got mail on Catlove again (whew!), so I caught up with all the 874107817107 comments from the last seven days or so. I replied to all the ones I missed, so hopefully no one is waiting for anything! If you are, comment! I should see it this time. :P

I was starving and couldn't stop thinking about the (fake) chicken parmesan I was going to make tonight, so I made it for lunch instead! It didn't come out quite exactly as I expected, but it still rocked.

The only patties I had had were ranch flavored, and while those are yummy as heck, they'd probably be awful for this. But I had fake plain chicken nuggets, so I used those! (I suspect they were even better than using a patty. They got nice and crunchy, plus were small enough that I could just rip them in half to make bite sized pices. That became important!)

I had intended to make it on a hamburger bun and close it up like a sandwich (I didn't have better bread on hand), but I had too much of everything so I made two open-face sandwiches instead. Bun-sauce-"chicken"-sprinkle parmesan-mozzarella cheese. I toasted the buns first, then stuck the whole thing under the broiler so the cheese would get all melty.

Since there was no top bread, it worked out that I could cut the nuggets into bite-sized pieces. Even then it was a little messy to eat (the buns fell apart too fast), but man, SO YUMMY!

I'm tempted to make this again tonight. :D
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