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nonuglies_food is evil. I might have to take them off my flist. ; ; I have no breakfast and come across fruit tarts and more fruit tarts. Mmmmm, tarts. (Ha ha.)

Last night worked well, in a Keeping-Thistle-Unbored sort of way. I played WoW for an hour, then got bored and played FFXI for a couple hours, then played nothing while Lost was on (eh, except stupid card games on the computer, see more on that in the next paragraph!), then checked back in to FFXI to say goodnight to folks.

For some reason I couldn't concentrate on Lost at all. I mean really, I couldn't even make myself do more than glance at the screen now and then while I was playing a card game on the computer. I've gotten out of the habit of being able to give the TV my full attention (it's boring! You just sit there and watch! You don't have to do anything!), but usually I can mostly watch the screen when Lost is on, just not last night. :/ Unsurprisingly, I didn't get "into" the ep at all. Though I'm glad the two guys found what they did at the very end of the ep (vague to avoid spoilers).

WoW: Okay, WoW dudes. Is there any way to make the map go full screen? I know it zooms in and out, but a two inch by two inch map does not do that much good! I'm pretty sure I need to get to the next town (I haven't gotten out of the starting village yet, but the job trainer there has no more skills to sell me (plus the mobs around the area are too weak), so I'm sure it's time to move on.) *looks up area names* I'm in Camp Narache now. I can get into Brambleblade Ravine, but the tiny little map you get sucks, and I have no idea if I'm supposed to be able to pass through that area or if it's a dead end. (Edit: Ha ha ha! I found an online guide. You actually have to follow a path to get to the next town! And you're safe on a path, too! That's so simple, I totally hadn't expected it. Imagine, a path leading you somewhere useful! Hee.)

* It's amazing. I'm level 6 now (nearly 7) and I've only had to sit to heal like twice. Boggles my mind. HP/MP regen is lightning fast.
* I'm muchly hating the bag/storage system. (FFXIers: You get a basic bag with 15? slots. No safe, no storage, that's the grand total of what you can hold. I got a bag drop, so got an extra 6 slots (you can have up to four extra bags). Supposedly when I get to a larger town there will be a "bank" or something where I can rent more storage space... Luckily the armor you're currently wearing does not take up slots.)
* Those Hearthstone things rock my socks (in an "oh my god, this is SO cheating" sort of way). I never need to worry about getting lost, I never need to worry about getting somewhere safe to log off. Just use the stone and whoosh! Back to your homepoint!

I sort of worry that WoW is going to "ruin" me for FFXI -- make me lazy, make me forget stuff. :/

FFXI: Wonderful woodworking Eadwyn made me my third tank! Now I have all three! Saltwater tank, freshwater tank, goldfish tank! The freshwater tank is the best of them all, hands down. Freshwater tank details. The spotted fish are so cute! And they swim better (more realistically), too. For some reason the fish in the saltwater tank swim backwards half the time: They swim to one end, then swim "backwards" back to the starting point. The freshwater fish swim in one direction, then turn around and swim forwards when they go back to their starting point.

Hm. Other than that, I just made lumber on FFXI. Yeah, not exciting, but I hate the idea of selling a stack of wind crystals for 3-4K when I can use those crystals to make lumber and sell that for 10 or more times the cash. However, as of this morning, every single mule I have is down to having 0 left to sell. :/ That feels like such a waste of space! I suppose I'll go farming sooner or later.
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