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Quickie post. Zzzzzzz.

FFXI: We had to do a CoP mission (that one against the professor and his students). Unfortunately we were uncharacteristically disorganized and I spent about three hours waiting for it to happen (I was an hour early in being ready, which didn't help). It was annoying as hell, not only was it a pain to get to (I used nearly a whole stack of sneak oil, goodbye 30K gil!*), but the fight itself sucked for slow-weapon-using me. The mob would vanish and appear elsewhere in the room every X seconds. I'd get one swing in, then the loooooonnnnngggg delllllllaaaaaaaayyyyyy before my next swing was ready... then before that second swing happened he vanished. Grrrrr. Plus the whole "DRKs suck against undead" thing. Hello, most of my abilities being useless!

(* I know I shouldn't complain about the loss of gil for sneak/invisible, but more and more I've been getting grumpy that mages can stealth for free while it costs non-mages an arm and a leg. Not a fair thing to be grumpy about, but this is my LJ and I'll be honest about my bitchings if I want to! :P )

Mucho thanks to Beanie and Nif, who guided us there through the worst maze day, helped us fight, and made themselves late for their own leveling. (So sorry, guys!) And to Zubis, who died trying to help. (Gah! Sorry, sorry.) I feel really bad that three people came to help us, nothing in it for them, and ended up being hurt by that. :/

The cutscenes and story were really nice, but my mind was elsewhere and the long delay in starting made me twitch at the lost time, so I didn't enjoy them as much as I might have. (No one's fault but my own.)

WoW: FFXI took the majority of my time tonight, but darned it, I was going to get from 9 -> 10 so I could get a pet! Leveling was boring boring boring as anything (I could level in FFXI if I wanted to kill the same mobs endlessly!), but eventually I hit level 10. Some guy blind invited me to party (no clue if that's as rude in WoW as it is in FFXI), but I used my hearthstone to warp right out and back to the town I needed to start the quest in.

Unfortunately the quest took a surprisingly long time (I couldn't find the last required mob!), and I ended up having to run to a whole 'nother city to finish it (thank god you can get from one city to another in minutes on this game), but I finished it! And amazingly (fall-down amazingly) I got more than a half-level worth of XP just for doing it. *boggle*

I didn't even try to tame a pet tonight. I'm too darned tired and didn't even want to look at any game anymore.

I wonder if WoW pets take part of your XP, like FFXI pets do? (I'd bet not.) And a "class" of NPCs is confusing the heck out of me: Ones with PvP under their name, what the heck are they for? Just for attacking someone from the other side if they come into the area? Sure are a lot of them around...

Dither-dither. I'm rereading the post, but I can't figure out if the FFXI part needs editing. No one is to blame for the delay or for my experience with the mission tonight! So I hope no one feels bad or thinks I blame them (or blame themself) or anything.

Boy, I'm tired. To bed with me! (Yes, I'm looking at you, zubis! ;) )
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