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FFXI link, then RL stuff

Buy RL mandy hats! The mithra outfit scares me, a lot. I want a plush mandy! The TP shirt makes me giggle, and while I like the idea of the Yag Drink mug, the graphic is pretty poorly done.


For some odd reason (perhaps because I didn't check my flist all weekend!) I had to ?skip=200 this morning. :/ It's been a long time since the last time I didn't keep up with my flist over the weekend!

Related to that, I watched zero TV this weekend. Sadly that means I didn't clean Tivo off, which means I may never catch up again. I even missed the second half of the SGA pilot ep, which I hadn't wanted to miss for anything. Bah. (Or hmm, I wonder if I had set Tivo to record it? I hope so!)

You silly northerners will laugh at me, but it's so darned cold out now! And I had to fill my car up with gas this morning, so I had to stand outside for way too long. I'm surprised I couldn't see my breath.

I can't believe it's October already. Nearly Halloween! When I was younger I'd have all my Christmas shopping done by now, but as I've gotten older I've become a real slacker.

*struggles to think of something else to write about, fails*

Ha ha ha, see how boring and low-on-content my posts are when I try to write about RL stuff? :P
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