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Sickness: Day Two

If cow orker wasn't on vacation, I likely would have called in today. So cold, so cold. I went to bed early last night (before 10!), but it didn't do me much good since I couldn't sleep. No matter what position I was in, I felt like I was drowning or being smothered (my head/sinuses/throat/nose were just that clogged with stuff). Drift off to sleep, suddenly can't breathe, startle awake. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I drank almost nothing yesterday, which I think came back to haunt me last night and today. My mouth/tongue/lips were really dry when I tried to sleep, and today I can't stop drinking even for a moment. Mmm, nice hot tea. Cold water. Anything.

I'm so cold and weak and tired. I hope this goes away fast and doesn't linger. Our office had a sinus infection going around last month, and people stayed sick for a long, long time. Hope it's not that...
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