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Early late-night post! (RL then WoW)

I hope my computer isn't dying. It runs/works (does something, little 'running' light is on and it makes the "I'm doing something" noise) all the time, and I have to reboot multiple times a day. :/ I've defragged, ran Ad Aware, and of course it virus scans weekly. Add that to the fact that sometimes it makes a worrying clicking noise and I suspect my hard drive is going. Bah. Luckily I backup, um, well, monthly. I should probably step that up a bit.

Look! Lost is on and I'm logged off my games! (Yay "days off" from the game!) Of course I can't sit totally idle and watch, but LJ posting is less attention-taking than playing. This week's ep looks much better than last week's. (As I'm watching: The thing they watch! Gah, wow! Gah! So much info! And ha ha, love Locke! (Later) Holy cow, so much new stuff! (later) I should add a LJ-cut so I can talk more about these things. Jack, dude... So much hate for you. (At the end) Okay, I did NOT need Jack/Locke vibes. Can't the two of them have A Moment with someone else? *twitch* Ugh.)

Work is really, really... not good. I have so much to do (more than usual) and zero will to do it. I signed up for a long weekend next week, so maybe that'll help. Maybe. ...nope, no confidence of that.

By the way, Floppy_Boobies (fealu_bryne): I haven't forgotten about our NP game, I just haven't had time to spend on the site other than running through to use the lab ray. :/

WoW: Gah. I played more today than I think I've ever played in one day! :} Went from 14-16, found, um, three? new cities (Crossroads, ... some little one, and... that big one. Ogre-whatever). Since I had so much time, I decided I might as well go through The Barrens and see where I'd end up.

I was happy to finally get to *looks up name* Orgrimmar, since I had been wanting to use the Auction House. (I wonder what the reasoning is to not allow people access to it from the beginning?) The WoW AH is very... different. Unless I'm not using it correctly, it's not anywhere near as useful as FFXI's. (Is there a way to check price histories of things that aren't currently for sale? How in the world do you know what to list things for if there are none for sale?)

Seeing this new city made me happy to be a Horde person. So cool looking! (And so so so much better than the darned fake Native American towns I had to start with.) I really liked these sick critters, and how they leave a green glow behind themselves.

Oh, money! Heh heh. Recall yesterday I had said I never even had close to 1 gold? I started at nearly nothing today (1 silver) and ended up with over 1 gold. :P I guess making money is as easy as everything else. (I didn't even try to make it, just did quests and XPed and such.)

Thus far, I think flying is my favorite part of the game. So so so much better than FFXI's airships. I love how you fly low enough to even check the mobs! (Or "check" in FFXI terms, anyway.)

One last interesting thing: I interacted with someone from the other side tonight! The whole "can't talk to the other faction" thing is really cool. We /flirted with each other (which is disturbing, coming from my race), she /cried on my shoulder, I /moo'ed at her. :P I suppose I shouldn't be nice to the other side, but I'd rather be nice than mean.

Oh, I lied, one last thing: Something very, very odd happened with my pet. By the end of the night he was getting unhappy every few minutes. Even when we did nothing but stand around in town, he kept getting unhappy. The only thing I can figure out is that it's another way that the game tries to make you not play for a long time. (And if that is the case, it's very, very annoying. We should be able to play for however long we want to!) He's level 6 loyalty, which I think might be the highest? Once more, he burned through my stockpile of meat for him. :/
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