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Help me! Please! Who the heck is Muller? (Fic post? TV? RL? You tell me!)

I've been tearing my hair out for more than a day now, trying to figure out who this person is.

Muller. Male. Very large (tall, muscular), sort of a "wall of a man" type -- big and broad shoulders. For some reason I'm seeing him in a grey uniform (sort of Nazi-ish?). Wears a uniform with a hat. German or European, I'm pretty sure?

I thought at first he had to be someone from manna's Admin fics, but while she does have a Muller in them (first story), he has almost no description and only one spoken line.

I thought he might be from Fullmetal Alchemist (when do I encounter things that are Nazi-ish? Other than FMA?) but I couldn't find the name connected with that.

I'm certain he's not someone I RPed, so hopefully he's from a source that other people would know. But more than that I can't figure out. Is he from a TV show? Movie? Book? I can't remember! And it's driving me crazy!


I need a new default icon. This one is cute, but I'm already tired of seeing it all the time.
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