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Sickness: Day Three (AKA: Please let my ears pop...)

Who ever knew that the human head could hold so much snot (TMI, I know). I've been blowing my nose non-stop. Coughing. And my poor, poor ears won't pop. Hurts.

I think I don't have a fever today, which is a nice change. At least I'm not doing that intensely-hot-intensely-cold switch-off every few minutes. My cough is worse though.

Oddly, for the last two days, I've been terribly thirsty; I mean thirsty /while/ drinking kind of thirsty. I drink water non-stop, but my mouth and throat are still dry.

I got a flu shot, so this shouldn't be that. All my muscles and joints hurt though, and I'm weak and really tired. If only my ears would pop I think I'd feel somewhat better...
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