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Silly things to pass the time. (Meme)

Google "[your name] needs" and list the first ten coherent listings. (It helps to click the "cached" link to see the result page, then your term will be highlighted and easy to find.)

I'm very planty and/or very suggestive, especially the second half of the list.

1) Thistle needs to rely less on modules "globalling" variables, and instead needs to provide more useful functions for the modules to make use of.

2) thistle needs to be correctly prepared and standardized

3) Thistle Needs To Grasp The Nettle

4) Thistle needs a feeder with tiny openings, which will accommodate the very slender bills of birds such as the American Goldfinch and Pine Siskin.

5) thistle needs to be actively growing to allow foliar-applied herbicides to be translocated from foliage to the root system for satisfactory control.

6) thistle needs you!

7) thistle needs summer days with high heat.

8) thistle needs to be sprayed in the bud to bloom stage for maximum herbicide
translocation to the root system (see photo)

9) Thistle needs ownership to be maintained well.

10) thistle needs to be used for long periods of time.

Darned RL imitating fiction: Everyone in RL wants to kill Thistle, too! Poor little spiky weed. And poor Thistle just needs high heat, to be owned, to be used for long periods of time, and you! (And we won't mention "Grasping The Nettle" or being "sprayed in the bud", heehee.)
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