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The na'ming of cats and other assorted pets (FFXI, WOW)

The names in these FFXI missions are driving me bat'ty. I feel like I'm on a Pern MUSH.

(Blurred everything except the names to prevent major spoilers.)

Welcome to Vana'diel, I guess?

We did the NM thingie which would let us get into Promy-VsomethingIcantspell. It went down in one WS. :P Then we stayed and did those other battles to get the bracelets which do something I don't know. But we have both blue and green ones now, so yay! I'm sure if we ever have to do whatever they do, we'll be darned happy we have them!

And how in the world did I not screenshot when we all appeared naked in Promy-V after the cutscene? I suppose I was distracted by all the nekkid people. It was very amusing though, take my word for it. Draque naked for all but his gloves and his beard, I had just my gloves and boots, Ead and Aurian were buck naked, Chip was too small to see his nakedness, and Niala was as naked as only a Mithra can be. Highly amusing.


WoW: Once again, I almost didn't log on. When in the world did WoW start requiring more attention/work than loafing around on FFXI? *boggle* While Fluffy tanks like a FFXI PLD could only dream (his "provoke" (growl) has a cooldown of five seconds. I couldn't get hate off him if I tried!), the game still requires more of my attention than it ever has thus far. It's not even to keep Fluffy healed, because he's both a rocking tank and our "party's" main DD, I need to watch the environment around us. Darned centaurs keep sneaking up on me (I rely on my mob radar too much, I think -- holdover from FFXI), plus there are so many aggro mobs around (but at least I can usually see those coming).

I hit 17 tonight, muchly through questing. It boggles me that I've reached 17 without partying once!

While I really wanted a cat as a pet (a real pet, not a BST-type fighting pet), I wasn't comfortable paying all my money for one at the AH... or at least as long as it wasn't the exact kind I wanted (black tabby). But because I get impatient about things I want, I ran out and got a praire dog pet! He's very, very, very small though (just a fraction of one of my hooves) and he likes to stand between my hooves, which makes me go o.O . (That screenshot was a rare exception.) Poor little guy's gonna get smushed, and badly!

But very quickly I grew tired of never being able to see him, so I took that boat from that place (you know, that place) and bought a parrot pet. He's a lot easier to see, being much larger and much, um, greener. Problem is, he shows up as a red dot on my mob radar (eh, "beast tracking", maybe if I called it the right thing I might start remembering what it can and can't do), which keeps making me think I have aggro chasing me. :( I'm glad I noticed that now, before spending a ton on a cat. I don't think I can deal with being chased by a red dot all the time, and I doubt I'll remember to call him out if I keep him out only in towns.

One last new and odd thing: I thought ??? for a player's level meant they were anon, but apparently it just shows up when they're much higher level than you? For the first time ever, I saw that on mobs! (And then almost died to them... poor Fluffy gave his life so I could get away.) I went out that port/pirate city (the parrot vendor place) and out into this woods (whose name I forgot), and it was full of gorillas! *boggle* It's so odd that WoW uses RL monsters as their mobs! Anyway, there was a dead gorilla, so I wanted to go skin it (if people kill things and just run off, I tend to skin the kills). It was 'skinnable' in red, which I didn't notice/realize till I was on top of it. Then a live one showed up and I went "oooh!" and checked it, then went "Eeeek!" ran off screaming like a girl. A group of humans and night elves were there and they /laughed at me. Rightly so! :P
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