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I never thought I'd get to this point. Bah...

I always figured that I'd play WoW till my interest in FFXI returned, but today I found myself bored out of my mind with both games.

I spent many hours on WoW this morning, mostly leveling/doing quests. Fluffy and I both hit 18. He got yet another mega-upgrade to both attack and defense. Fluffy can now easily kill things 2-3 levels above me with almost no assistance from me. With "rested XP", I get 350 XP per kill. Non-rested I get less, but still a crapload.

What the heck is the deal with this? Am I doing something wrong or is this just how the game is? There I am, Fluffy and I happily killing something, and Joe Randomplayer runs up and hits it... thus I get no XP from the kill. Don't you "own" a mob once you hit it? People can run up and hit it just to screw you over? Is there a way to stop that?

The WoW AH is driving me insane. It is Annoying As Hell to have to look items up on Alla to get a general idea of what I should list it for. How in the world do you deal with the AH when there's no price history kept? And if there's none of that item currently for sale, zero idea of prices?

About the only WoW fun I had today was interacting with players on the other side. I really, really like how you can't talk to them. I giggled lots as I /flirted at the male invading characters. :P I left them /blinking and /panicking at me, then when they ran off I chased them and /mooed at them. (But later some stupid NE chick kept following me as I was trying to XP. She would land one hit on each mob, thus I'd get nothing. :/ )

I'm logged on to FFXI right now, but haven't been doing anything but sitting in my MH for the hour or so I've been on.

No screenshots today. Just bored, bored, bored.

Edit: Ha ha ha, this game rocks!

Guess that Friend

You have to guess who on your flist made the post. I got 18/20 right, but the two I got wrong weren't really fair (one was blank (no subject or title), the other was was a broken meme). Funny, but one post had a "LOL" in it, and that's so rare on my flist I was able to guess based solely on that. And in one question, I was one of the choices! Hee.
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