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Eee! (Naruto on CN)

Zabuza was introduced already! So early! I had thought his arc was the second one, not the first. I thought we wouldn't see him till 30 or so eps in! Eee! His voice isn't exactly how I'd like it, but very very close enough!

I should check my sub copies and see if we meet Haku next week or not. Oh, and the boss's voice (the short guy who hired Zabuza) is totally perfect! I was worried they'd give him a squeaky little silly voice, because he's so short.

But I really wonder how they'll handle the end of this arc. So much of it just won't fly here... M/m, chan, more violence than I've seen in a series in a long long time... They better not change Haku into a girl (and ha ha ha, somehow add a line in saying she's over 18). And if they butcher the end too much...

I really want to watch the whole thing subbed now, but I'm enjoying seeing it dubbed and not remembering every detail perfectly, so I'm trying to resist.
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