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FFXI and WoW

FFXI: I'm just sorry someone beat me to this idea! Heeheehee.

Because I'm a really, really, really slow learner, I went chocobo digging last night and this morning. See, my plan was to take advantage of this downtime and hop on a bird and dig the moment the servers come back up. This required me to be at the location and have my bag full of greens before the servers went down. So last night I flew out to the Jungles, bought some greens, and went 'hey, I have an hour before I need to log off, perhaps I should dig!'.

So I did, and I actually made profit (Shock! Amazement!). This morning I was up before the servers went down at 8, so I figured 'hey, why not?'. I made less profit than last night, but still some. (More shock and amazement!) I have no confidence in my digging-ASAP-once-servers-up plan (it failed badly once before, every other digger seems to try this, too), but hey.

WoW: Ha ha ha, I'm stupid. I knew I'd be playing today (because FFXI was down, if for no other reason), and peppygrowlithe mentioned a patch needing to be downloaded, and I said 'Oh my! I suppose I should do that today so I can play tomorrow!'... then promptly forgot about it. :P But luckily WoW updates are tons tons tons better than even the best FFXI update, so I started it, wandered off, and when I got back in 15 minutes the entire thing was done.

Thanks to juicy "rested XP", I hit 19 this morning (and my XP bar is still blue)! I still don't understand this whole rested XP system (why reward people for staying away? Why not reward them for playing a long time?) but whatever! 200% of normal XP? {Yes, please!}
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