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A giggly good day! (RL, WoW, FFXI)

Taking advantage of a non-work day, I did some things that had been hanging over my head (bank, shopping), and ended with a way too big lunch at a wonderful all-you-can-eat salad bar. (They have lots more than salads though, like fresh baked things, baked potatoes, "homemade" (handmade?) pizza, etc. It's nice because there's nearly no meat, so it makes it easy for me to get a good meal.) Highly yummy! I went shopping at the "fruit stand" (a fruit stand the size of a store) afterwards, so now I'm all set to make it through the weekend without ever leaving home. Heehee.

After all that I found I needed to wash the new blanket I had gotten (king sized "extra soft! Wrap yourself in luxury!" :P ). I think it had a bit of a smell from being in the plastic container for so long, so I took it off to the laundry to give it a washing. I can't wait to use it tonight, it seems really soft and cuddly and nice. (It feels sort of like a plush animal, it's got that velvety fake fur feeling.)


WoW: Busy day, though not with much visible progress. Since Hunters are really rather different than FFXI BSTs (I think of them more as RNG/RDMs with a pet), I needed to get a new pet to learn new skills from. (Certain pets know certain things, like wolves can growl (provoke) and cats can cower (anti-provoke), for my pets to have both skills, I need to work with both a wolf and a cat.) I had been putting off getting a feline pet because the lions/lionesses are darned boring, but when I encountered wild tigers for the first time I knew that was the cat for me.

Meet my tiger: Spot! And yes, for once I finally got a good WoW screenshot! (That's me in the background. I'm so horribly ugly! *cry*) He started at level 8, which was (no pun intended) a real bitchkitty. Imagine a level 8 tank trying to party with a level 19 RNG/RDM. I have to do most of the tanking, which isn't fun since I have that whole "defense of a wet paperbag" thing following me across games. I got him from 8 -> 12 though, so that's good! I need to look up when he learns Claw, since that's the last feline skill I need. (Edit: Ehhhh, seems tigers don't naturally learn claw. o.O All I can get from him is cower? Bah...)

Problem is, I'm sort of tempted to make him my main pet. :/ (Edit: Or maybe a hyena pet! No one has those as pets, and they're really, really cool!) Fluffy is way higher level and more skilled, but wolves are a dime a dozen. Spot looks cool! Thanks to rested XP (which lasted from 8 AM until nearly 5 PM!! *boggle*) leveling him from 8 -> 12 wasn't so bad, but when the XP shifted to normal it got horrible. (I can only tank things 2-3 levels below me, and the normal XP on those is painful.)

Now and then I see people with really, really cool pets, like black wolves, white lions, and white tigers. I'd really like one of those (like every other Hunter on the game, I'm sure...). I know where there's a white wolf (Ghost Wolf or Ghost Alpha or something like that) but he's not charmable.

And for anyone wondering, loneguardian's character does dance like a slut. :P And peppygrowlithe? Trolls rock my socks, mon! I found a village of them today, and I didn't want to leave! :D


FFXI: Funny as hell flash movie. The first minute or so will have Japanese text. I have no idea what it says, but the video after it is fall-down funny. I was laughing out loud from beginning to end. (You just have to pretend that a couple of male elves would actually be interested in girls instead of in each other. ;) )

I strongly wish I hadn't filled my bag with greens for digging. I don't feel like sitting here hitting the button so I can log on as soon as the server comes up, and I really don't feel like chocobo digging, but I have 20 stacks of greens I'll need to use up. Bah.

EDIT: Ugh. They extended FFXI downtime till 8 PM my time (PST). I guess I can stop sitting here and pressing the button. Bah. Stupid S-E. Like we believe this downtime will actually fix the server issues? When the others hadn't?
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