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Relaxing day, yay! (Quickie post: RL, FFXI, WoW)

I can count on one hand the number of times in the past few years that I've slept later than 8 AM, but this morning was one of those mornings! And boy was it nice! (Even when I can sleep late, things (my cat, the apartment complex, or myself) tend to wake me up early.) Cooked breakfast for myself (a rare event!), then played games most of the day.

FFXI: We needed to farm anima for the promy-V run, and alas drops sucked. Took us ~4.5 hours to get them for all of us. Getting off the airship to Jeuno, I came across a funky happening: Me times three! I'm the "naked" one with shades, but there was also a "me" in nearly full DRK AF and a "me" in nearly full NIN AF. It was cool, other than I felt very short. :P

WoW: The game is killing my arms. I spend the entire time playing with my one hand on ctrl-1 and the other on 0 (above the letters). Those are the pet macros I use most, every minute or so. Hours of having my hands/arms in that position = OW OW OW OW OW.

Got myself up to 20 today, and bought Aspect of the Cheetah (among other abilities). For FFXI people: Aspect of the Cheetah = perma-flee. o.O It's so so so so nice. A flee with no cooldown and never ends. Wow. Alas Fluffy is still 19 tonight, even though I hit 20 early this morning. No clue why he's leveling slower than I am, but he's slowing down more each level. He really needs to hit 20 so he can get rank 3 growl -- I got a new gun and it does too much damage, so I keep pulling hate off him. :( Seriously, I tank less well in WoW than I do in FFXI, and that's saying something.

The biggest excitement came tonight. I had intended to log off and go to bed, but decided to stay up to finish one quest. (Kill blah blah blah raptors, collect blah blah blah claws.) While killing them, this zebra mob ran by. And kept running. And didn't stop. (Unless they're chasing someone, usually mobs just run a bit then stop, then run a little and stop again.) When I hovered my pointer over him, I got a name and "elite". peppygrowlithe mentioned elite mobs and I meant to look them up to see if they were the same as FFXI NMs or not, but never had. Seems like they are, since Swiftmane had a name!

Fluffy and I vs. Swiftmane: round one! You can't see Fluffy in that shot, but look! Incoming lioness aggro! (Alla's picture is a little nicer than mine, it makes him look big and evil!)

I would have killed him that first time, if I hadn't gotten aggroed to hell and back by other things. A pride of fricking lions showed up, as well as a couple of those stupid ugly birds. I was still getting XP off those mobs, so that much was too much. I tried to ran, but died. Grrrr!

But I wasn't about to give up! This was a NM and I like NMs, so I was going to try to get it! He ran by a few more times, but I couldn't snag him without ending up in a pack of aggro again. Eventually I picked an aggro-freeish spot and waited there, hoping he'd just run by. And he did! It was a toughish fight, but I beat him! Got boots I can't wait (mail), but hopefully they'll sell at the AH.
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