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Mostly WoW... now with more crafting! (Fishing included.)

Naruto: Eee! Zabuza! *swoon!* But arg! The grey flashback dots of doooom! But huh, this is the first time we're seeing them? Maybe they cut out all the mega-flashbacks from the real eps to make room for commercials. (Nice that there's so much useless stuff to cut out.) One ep is such a short tiny piece of the story, I want to see the whole dubbed arc, all in one sitting.

RL: Another relaxing day! Got 8 hours of sleep for the second night in a row! *boggle* That's kinda nice, isn't it? Today's the last "fully off day" of my long weekend -- lots of FFXI stuff and RL (non-job) work to do tomorrow.

WoW: How's that saying go? The spoof of the Army slogan? "Travel to new lands, meet new people, then kill them"? That's about how my WoW day went. After puttering around trying to complete some quests (so annoying to only be able to have 20 active quests at once), I decided to work on skinning. (Skinning is a craft in WoW, which makes sense to me.) I was nearly at 5 gold, which is the cost of the last level of it, so I wanted to get my skill up to 200 (the other requirement for the last rank). I started the night at skinning 185 and ended it at... 185. Even though I was skinning green things. Bah. I wasn't close to 5 gold until tonight, so I hadn't been watching for skillups, but I guess they finally slowed down.

The new place I went to XP was Ashenvale, a very pretty zone (it looked like a cartoon version of FFXI's Sanctuary of Zi'tah). The music there was so pretty I kept getting distracted and forgetting to watch for aggro. :P I encountered totally new mobs: funky slime things (ha ha, love how they spit out things after they die) and elementals (seen only from a distance, but the FFXI part of me kept going "Kill them! Kill them! Get the clusters!" heh).

I was very amused to see white wolves in Ashenvale. Aren't they pretty? And big? And white? You can see the pretty forest in these shots too, but look how the white wolves glow compared to Fluffy! Anyway, this amused me because just yesterday I had figured that white/black wolves, white lions, and white tigers would be rare pets you'd have to work hard to get. Ha ha ha, joke's on me! This is WoW, not FFXI. In a few levels I'll be able to go back and get one for myself, if I want.

A small technical issue, for any Hunters who read this (eh, though they probably already know, but I just figured it out). Recall how I wondered why Fluffy was so slow to level after I did? That's because for some highly, highly, highly odd reason he doesn't get credit for any XP until I level. So while we were both XPing for hours as level 20s, he was at 0 XP when I hit 21. Only once I hit 21 did he start earning XP towards 21. *boggle*

And the last crafting bit: I tried fishing tonight. I feel like a broken record when I say this, but: It was easy as pie. I got to level 20 in it in about 15 minutes. Watching the water was sort of relaxing, but I really didn't like doing it much. (Before they ruined fishing in FFXI, at least you could watch TV while doing it. In WoW you have to watch for the, um, fishing thingie in the water to bob, then click it, so you can't really watch TV while doing it.) If my pet ate fish I would continue with this without question, but wolves don't eat fish so I likely won't do it again.

I'm hit the "bored with WoW" point again today, but FFXI would be even worse: I could "farm" on WoW (get drops and get XP) or farm on FFXI (get just drops), so on WoW the farming feels like less of a waste of time than doing it on FFXI does. At least tomorrow and Monday I have things I'll need to do on FFXI, that'll keep me busy for at least two days. (Yes, that sounds like odd logic to me, too.)
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