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*snicker* Blame daltontrix

Edit: Yo, gbeans: I have an appointment this afternoon and might miss Eco. I should make it in time for Escort though!


daltontrix posted a picture of his WoW character, so I did one of our FFXI static!

Draque and Ead and Ceh and I on our way to adventuring! That's some serious Art right there! :P (And sorry, Ceh, you came out a little, um, funny looking.)

I had a screenshot, but I didn't post it yesterday because I was grumpy. I found a costume to wear in-game for Halloween~! And hey, there'd be plenty of space to store all the candy I'll get!


WoW was amusing last night. Eventually I settled down enough to play and enjoy it, so I was doing some quests. I had to run from one end of the Barrens to the other (staying on roads), but I was mostly watching TV while doing so. I was thinking to myself "Not so long ago this was a scary place! Full of bad aggro! Isn't it nice that now nothing can really hurt you?". Ha ha ha, next thing I know I'm hearing a funny sound -- it sounded like Fluffy was fighting something. Buh? So I looked from the TV to the computer and found I was at half-life. A pack of centaur and their hyenas were on me. They were all only level 15, but there were two centaur and three or four hyenas. Also I had aspect of the cheetah on (go go go perma-flee!) so every time I got hit I was dazed and couldn't move. I died. Fast. :P So very funny, when I had been thinking just a moment before that I was untouchable.

burgerdog's posts make me wonder/worry that I'm going to need to find a guild to do end game stuff. (Yeah I have ~40 levels to go before end game, but I'll hit it on WoW years before I hit it in FFXI, so I should be thinking about it now.) Problem is, much of the reason I like playing WoW is that I can do it alone. I've never partied yet and I really don't want to. I wonder what will happen when I hit 60 if I still want to play alone... I wonder if there will be goal-type stuff I can solo, some point of continuing to play once I hit 60.
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