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Stalked by bad dreams. *shifty eyes* (RL, WoW)

Okay, brain. If you don't want me to stab you with a chopstick, I suggest you give the bad dreams a break. Once in a while? Fine. Every single stinking night? You're overdoing it!

Last night it was mallen, merrkitty (who could turn into a cat...), and myself driving into New York City for a HP con. (I must have been still living in NY at the time, because it only took 1-2 hours to get there in mallen's truck.) Once we got to NY, both of them vanished. Time passed, the con's last event let out (I never even got into the con), and it was getting dark. No mallen = no ride home. And merrkitty liked being her cat-self too much, and I was worried a hawk might have eaten her. (Ha ha, yes. Because the hawk population in NYC is oh so high!) I ended up deciding I needed to call my mother to drive into the city and pick me up... only to discover that mallen still had all our money. I didn't even have change for the pay phone.



WoW: Man, I'm so happy I logged back on there last night! The whole night rocked! I went from barely into 23 to nearly 24! (I'm too high to level once a day anymore -- so sad!) I would have hit 24 if I hadn't run out of ammo...

I found a perfect spot to XP: Just into Ashenvale, coming from the Barrens, is a lake. Around it are those elemental things, and all were 2-4 levels higher than me. 2 levels higher than me is a tad lower than I would like, but those in the 3-4 levels above me range were just perfect. (And any of them were better than the ones I were fighting in the South Barrens earlier that night: My level or lower.) And the best part about the spot? Almost no other aggro around, so I could tag an ele without trouble, pull it back to the path, and kill it there.

Usually I go through 500-600 bullets in one XP sitting, so I carry 1,100 bullets to make sure I'll never run out (double the most I've ever used should have been safe!), but I actually shot all 1,100 last night. I was so close to leveling! 20 minutes per the titan bar thingie! But no ammo = have to stop.

The only downside of fighting these ele thingies was that their drops sucked. Just a tiny bit of money on each one -- items were very few and far between... other than one! The night before I had tried to buy new shoulder armor at the AH, but was outbid... but it dropped from one of these eles! Ha! Now I no longer look like I'm wearing football shoulder pads made out of wooden slats. (Now it looks like I have two dead, furry animals strapped to my shoulders, but that's better than wooden football shoulders!)

I really, really wish I knew why people insisted upon running up and hitting a mob I'm fighting. And I wish they'd stop, because it kills my XP. I'm using a gun, people, that requires that I stand a little bit away from the fight. That does not mean that I'm in trouble! You don't have to "save" me from the mob my pet is ripping to pieces! (I'm going to assume that they're doing it to try to help, not because they're all assholes.)
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