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Yo: CoP Static people! Or any LS FFXI people who see this!

For the last 40 minutes I've been trying to get logged on, but I cannot connect. I have no clue if it'll clear up before the mission at 6. Error: POL-0011. *beats S-E bloody*

If someone from the LS sees this, would you pass the word on to Niala, Chip, Ead, Draque, and/or Aurian?


And also related to that group (heh heh), I stumbled upon that animal penis sex toy site today. (These links are not work safe! Duh!)

Thor, the horse penis! That's the one Niala mentioned, I believe.

But hey, why limit yourself to a horse? See all the animal penis sex-toys here! And remember, Christmas is coming! Who wouldn't love to find a hyena penis-shaped dildo under their tree? Or an alligator penis toy wrapped up in a bright red bow?
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