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Bad luck... (FFXI and WoW and then FFXI again then screenshots! ...or maybe out of that order.)

(Edit: Eee, loving Naruto so much! So hard to resist pulling out the DVDs and watching the subbed version! The story is moving too slowly! *bounce*)

Bad luck both in the day and in games in general.

FFXI: Since last night's "first NM of the CoP Promy-V mission" was a success, we decided to do the second NM this morning. 9 AM start time. While that sucks some serious, serious ass, east coast people stayed up to midnight for the mission last night, so I could cope with such an early start time... if only the mission had happened. Though no one's fault (RL stuff happens!) the mission did not take place. We waited around a couple hours, but eventually other deadlines arrived and we just called it off.

Between that and this god awful Halloween event that FFXI is having (man, why did they have to take last year's event and make it worse? Not only can you not use fruit to give to the NPCs, I swear they must have decreased the number of items given out. I traded nearly 100 treats during many hours over two days before getting ONE item. So much hate for this game...), I was at that "okay, time to quit FFXI, and I don't mean for the day" point.

WoW: I could cry happy tears switching from FFXI to WoW... at least for the most part. I spent a few hours killing things in a combination XPing/farming. Hit 25! Yay! But even better: I got 20 levels of skinning and walked away with five stacks of heavy leather! I figured I was going to be rich!

Before listing things at the AH, I price them at a vendor to make sure I won't lose money by AHing them. A stack of heavy leather was 15 S at the vendor. And at the AH? 10 S

My god. I'm told on other servers that even light leather makes good money at the AH, yet I have to vendor it. Medium leather is very slightly better to AH than to vendor. How the hell is heavy leather a major loss if you AH it? *cry* It's just like damned leathercrafting on FFXI. I really, really should stay away from any craft having to do with animal parts...

On FFXI I just happen to be on the most expensive server (I had to pay 4.8 million for an item which runs 2 million on other servers), and on WoW I'm forced to vendor everything. Sometimes I feel like I can't win.

But the leather crap aside, I had an outstanding day on WoW. Ashenvale was a nice place to level (I found a section with lots of mobs 3-4 levels above me, with the very rare one 2 levels above me), and XP rolled in.

It's funny how on the surface everything seemed so much easier on WoW, but when you look deeper that isn't fully true. (Don't get me wrong, FFXI is still a thousand times harder, but sometimes WoW isn't as easy as it sounds.) For example, in WoW you get every map just given to you... but they're blank. You don't get a section of it "drawn" onto the map until you enter it. And a surprisingly annoying thing: A real time delay on mail. When you send money or items, there's a 1-2 HOUR delay on the mail arriving. That's uncharacteristically annoying for WoW! (I had set up an alt at the AH to sell my crap, and discovered the delay. Bah. It makes having an alt just for AH stuff nearly useless... which I suppose is the point.)

What the heck is a tribe? (Edit: Maybe it was a guild named "Khoghmoe Tribe"..? I've googled and can't find much.)

The pop-up window looked just like a dual window, so I clicked "no" before I even read it, then wondered what I had turned down.

Quite fitting: Wolf vs Stag! I spent the day fighting wolves and stags. Stags were so cool and moved surprisingly realistically! Darned wolves' attack speed was fast though, like twice as fast as my wolf's! *boggle*

I got turned ito a wisp of light today, and by chance it made a funny scene as I was logging out. The innkeeper just might want to have that problem checked out. o.O

FFXI screenshot: Welcome to Evil Christmas Land. Promy-V needed enough of my attention that I didn't think to make many screenshots, but this is one I grabbed. Everything was covered in this dark snow stuff and evil empty mobs wandered everywhere.

I hit 25 in WoW pretty early in the day, so wandered back to FFXI. Since I really need some sort of income, I spent hours farming vines to make hi-pots. They sold about as fast as I could synth them, so now I'm without income again. :P But it wasn't unenjoyable time, especially since I got to talk to folks. :)

I'm really worried about static tomorrow. If it's as bad and/or as stressful as the last two weeks, I may have to shoot myself.
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