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Yay for sleep and... stuff! (RL, WoW, FFXI)

Yay for sleeping most of the night through! (And for odd dreams involving zubis. c.c ) I'm feeling much, much, much better today, even though kittycat keeps waking me up at 4:45 AM every day. (Cat, you sleep 99.99999% of every day! Why do you want to be up and playing then?)

Speaking of kittygirl, she threw up twice more yesterday. Once on the new rug I had just replaced because she threw up on it before. *snugs her* The vet is off today, but I left a message and she'll call me tomorrow.


WoW: Ha ha ha, one day I'll remember that every Tuesday morning is scheduled downtime. I tried to log on to check my auctions, but of course failed. So instead I watched the opening movie! Man, how much I love that! The music is so beautiful and the animation is so realistic! (If only the game looked anything like the movie...)

Funniest thing: Yesterday I saw a screenshot with male Night Elves, and boggled. Up until that point I had no idea there were male NEs! Heh. I thought they were like FFXI's Mithra: Female only!

Also, I decided on a pet. Ghostpaw Alphas (in Ashenvale, I've been leveling on them for a while now) have a 1.3 DPS, just .1 worse than the very best rating in the game. (That also explains why they seemed to attack twice as fast as my (2.0 DPS) pet!) Plus they're big, white wolves. That'll be good enough until I can go back and get one of those black worgs. I just need to get another level or two before I can tame an Alpha.


FFXI: It was an all-FFXI night last night, but that was fine. Eco and then Escort (both went as smoothly as they do every week), then we went to get some quest item for Cydori (and then Ni and Chip). Quicksand Caves makes me twitch, but other than that it went fine. I got 1.3 skillup on my GS!

Since I'm going to be random partying, I need to get my GS skilled up more. Bah. Funny how I had said "Oh, I'll never need to worry about my GS skill because I never do anything but static!". Silly me. But luckily I actually like my GS (I look darned good using one, if I do say so myself!), I just need 90 or so more levels on it so I can actually hit stuff with it. :P

I also realized that I don't need to skill marksmanship anymore (too bad I realized after buying 400 bolts to use last night...). Once I hit 63 (in a few thousand XP) I'll be able to use my bomb core, which means I'll disable every ranged macro I have.

This random partying thing is going to be weird. I used to change into my AF when not doing anything else (because it looks so much better than my XP kit), but I guess I'll stay in my XP stuff all the time now (and keep my bag packed with the usual XP stuff (powder, oil, food, warp object), too).
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