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All's quiet on the western front...

Okay, first off, this year can't end too soon. I'm really sick of my LotR page-a-day calendar. Nevermind that I'm not a fan of the movies, I can cope with that, but the pictures they select can be just horrible. Today's is that Gollum (however it's spelled, the little freaky guy with no hair) with this expression of shock/dread, his eyes just way too wide and showing too much white. I don't want to look at that all day! *tapes the picture from yesterday over it*

I'm missing playing WoW. I've logged on to FFXI last night and the night before (ha ha, just after I said I'd be on less), so I've only been able to play a bit of WoW over lunchtime. I'm going to play tonight! *shakes fist* I'm going to level and get a new pet!

FFXI: After seeking a party for an hour with no invites, a PLD and WHM started seeking so I grabbed them and made my own party. (Which is ironic, since when I started this whole random-party thing I told myself "I'll never have to watch /sea now, and darned it all I'm never again going to have to be leader and do all the work!". But of course I study /sea endlessly while seeking and now I've broken the "not gonna be leader!" part as well. :P )

I had so very little faith in the group in the beginning (trying to get 5 people together in Jeuno when I was in Sandy wasn't just herding cats, it was herding blind, deaf, retarded cats... while in a different city than them).

But in the end it worked out. We replaced the mages pretty early on (and often, only us four non-mages stayed the same all night), but in general the party did good. About 9K XP (in 4.5 hours of partying), putting me halfway to 64.

While XPing is still zero fun, making progress is good -- thus I'm more tempted to play FFXI where my progress means more, even though WoW is a lot more fun. :( If only I didn't have a job I could actually play both!
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