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Long but good day (Mostly FFXI, little Naruto and WoW)

Naruto first: Gah, what'd they do to Haku's voice! Dudes, Haku is a young boy, not an adult woman! Sheesh, one of the worst VA choices I've seen in a long, long, long time. How can we have the whole "Zabuza's into young boys" thing when Haku sounds like a grown woman? Still, other than the voice, loved the ep. This is so totally mt favorite story arc in the whole series.

WoW: It's hard to get a good screenshot from a movie... or at least in WoW's case. I love that human mage-guy in the opening movie, but I can't get a good shot of him. *drool* He's so darned sexy in the movie, but I can't capture it in a screenshot. ...or maybe I'm just developing a thing for beards. *eyes zubis, kelen, and sylf* Mmmm.

FFXI: zzzzzz My brain is offline, this might be hard. (Mmm, beards!) At way too early in the morning (or 9 AM) we did the Promy-V CoP mission. The first attempt was very, very rough. Like "I died three times" rough. I'm sure it's not just because we were trying to save our anima for the last boss, I think the BC was just a bad one for that attempt. We failed it pretty badly.

But the second time we tried it:

*boggle* A totally, 100% different fight. On my part I actually used my absorb spells the second time (not really sure why I didn't the first time... they never stick in XP situations, so I figured they wouldn't on a harder BC fight. But they all stuck... Plus often I discount them as "mostly useless" which might not be true.). But mostly it was just that we "got lucky" and the bosses didn't do as much bad stuff (plus we used anima earlier). But whatever. CoP is unfair, and we all know it. This step of it is done, bringing us one step closer to the worst and most unfair fight in the whole game.

After that I tried to get a party. Four hours of waiting, headed into five hours... no invites. I tried many times to make a party, but either I was ignored (*grumble* I'm seeing where the bias about JP players is coming from. If you don't want a NA party, why not just say {No thanks} or whatever?) or someone else invited the WHM/tank before I was able to (I really should spam just "prty????" and not spell out nice invites. 9.9 ) But finally I successfully made my own party! The NIN tank rocked, but alas when he hit 67 he killed our XP and bowed out. Most of the rest of the party was JP too, which was odd for the middle of the day. Got about 12K XP total, putting me 10K from level 65.

Oh, right, I have screenshots!

This is what it sounds like / when doves die~ Or when mission statics die. I like how even in death, I'm reaching for Niala's crotch. :P

The deaths in the mission made me realize something: When you have to fight and struggle for parties, XP becomes so much more valuable. Especially since I don't really want DRK AF2 (the non-AF stuff I have is better), I'm not wanting to do Dyn... however it's spelled. Deathy place with the AF2 drops. I'm not wanting to go there as much as I had been wanting to.

And one more thing this random party seeking has taught me: MNKs and DRGs are not the folks with the least invites (at least not in the low 60s). DRKs are. I'm not saying that because I am one and I seek for 3-4 hours before being forced to make my own party, while seeking I watch the /sea. A lot. I see who seeks, who gets invited, how long people are seeking... DRKs really do seem to be the last ones invited to parties. And boy does that suck.

...and wow, I've only eaten once today, 12 hours ago. No wonder I'm light headed. But now it's 10:20 and way too late to eat. zzzzzz Maybe tomorrow I'll find a skill-up party instead of an XP party, so I can work on my GS. Or maybe I can get a LS one together... But I'd like to XP and hit 65, too. Well, I'll figure it out tomorrow. zzzzz
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